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This editorial appears in the April 23, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

For Civilization To Be Saved

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People don't like to hear it, but it's true: Civilization is rapidly running out of time. Either existing trends are changed drastically, or we are looking at mass depopulation, and barbarism.

Fortunately, Lyndon LaRouche has presented a policy which can lead humanity out of the New Dark Age that the British Empire is intentionally unleashing. He will be outlining that policy, once again, on May 8 at his next international webcast, titled "What Has To Be Done If Civilization Is To Be Saved." The time available to act on that policy before irreversible disaster strikes is getting shorter and shorter.

The key to understanding and acting on what LaRouche has to say does not lie in detailed knowledge or experience in economics or strategic affairs. It lies instead in grasping the fact that man's future depends upon fostering the human being's unique nature as a creative mind, and that every system that has been erected to suppress that quality, is the enemy which must be destroyed. Financial systems, geopolitical systems, and mathematical-statistical systems are cases in point—and all derive directly from the British imperial system currently dominating world affairs.

Economic science, LaRouche's specialty, is the queen of all sciences, because it deals with how those creative powers of the human mind can, and must, create the conditions for mankind to achieve a more prosperous, a happier future. The requirement for increased potential population density, for higher energy-flux density of power sources, and for expanding man's frontier to the universe as a whole, all derive from the fact that the basic unit of value in an economy is the creative human mind. Americans, as part of a society built by a revolution against the oligarchy, still implicitly understand this fact—although the last 65 years have gone a long way toward wiping out any understanding of the American System of political economy.

From this standpoint, the crimes of the British Empire should come sharply into relief. This financial empire asserts its right to dictate what happens in people's lives by determining the value of money. Hiding behind so-called "economic laws," they exercise control through so-called market forces, which, far from being objective, are simply ways to hide methods of theft. While particular acts of criminality, such as that currently being exposed by the disgusting Goldman Sachs, are singled out, the fundamental reality is that the system is rigged to steal from the requirements to build a human society.

The current crisis of civilization reflects the fact that the Empire's theft has reached a plateau—and, to try to survive, it has to gouge deeper. If permitted, that gouging will lead to dictatorship, and genocide, globally.

So, the first step has to be to remove the Empire's power, by declaring it bankrupt, and dumping their money. That act of bankruptcy reorganization is what LaRouche has called for as a Global Glass-Steagall reform, which would clean out the waste paper, and restore the powers of national governments to control credit, and money. Another name for this reform is a New Bretton Woods, an arrangement for a new fixed-exchange-rate system, which must be initiated by the U.S., Russia, China, and India, in order to succeed.

President Obama, a British puppet, represents an obstacle to this policy to save civilization. Removing him thus becomes a priority. But that's only the first step to putting our planet back on course. What we are really fighting for is to reassert our human nature as creative beings, for the world and our posterity.

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