Volume 37, Number 19, May 14, 2010


Brutish Bastards Are At It Again! LaRouche Demands Patriots Act To Pass Glass-Steagall  

by Nancy Spannaus

Only the immediate enactment of a Glass-Steagall law could prevent the United States from falling into the same fate now destined for continental European victims such as, above all other targets for total destruction, the Federal Republic of Germany. Lyndon LaRouche called the Glass-Steagall amendment, introduced on May 6 by a group of Senators led by John McCain and Maria Cantwell, the act of a growing group of patriotic Members of Congress.

Documentation: Cantwell-McCain on Glass-Steagall  

World News

Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia Elections: ‘No Confidence’ Vote Slams Chancellor Merkel’s Party

by Rainer Apel

The vote shows that German voters are just as disgusted with incumbent legislators as are their U.S. counterparts, and that the economic crisis in Europe has sparked a mass-strike process of political resistance in Germany.

Operation Moshtarak: Was the Attack on Marja a False Flag Aimed at the Encirclement of Iran?

by Ramtanu Maitra

With 35,000 foreign troops soon to be in southern Afghanistan, and military bases in place, the process of encircling Iran has advanced considerably.

Fed Judge Cancels Human Gene Patents: You Can’t Own a ‘Product of Nature’

by Marcia Merry Baker

The pile-up of patents on lifeforms is not the result of advances in biology, per se, but of the attempted control of the means to life by elite financial and political circles, centered in London.


The Crisis Is Already Here: Now, Grab the Solution!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche was the guest on the May 5 edition of the LPAC-TV Weekly Update, hosted by EIR Economics Editor John Hoefle. He continues his series of interviews on the real economics of physical economy, which almost nobody understands.


Onward to Mars: The Triumph of the Weak Forces  

by Oyang Teng

A member of the LaRouche movement’s “Basement Team” investigates how a new science of dynamics will requie a mobilization of the scientific and economic means necessary to secure an interplanetary future for mankind, including mastery of the entire electromagnetic spectrum and its use to sustain human life throughout the Solar System.


We Can Defeat Fascism Again!