Volume 37, Number 30, August 6, 2010


NAWAPA: The Tennessee Valley Authority of the 21st Century

by The LaRouche PAC Basement Team

Upon the removal of Barack Obama as President, and the implementation of a Glass-Steagall reorganization of our banking system, the economic recovery of the United States can begin. We will then advance human progress by developing the physical economy, basic economic infrastructure, and increases in energy-flux density.

The Infrastructure Principle: NAWAPA; Developing the Planet  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In a guest appearance on LPAC-TV’s Weekly Report July 28, Lyndon LaRouche identified the “infrastructure principle” which will move mankind “from what we now know as an economic system, to a system which is based on the ability to develop Mars, as humanly habitable: an infrastructure question!” In reviving the NAWAPA program, developed in the 1960s by the Parsons Engineering Company, we will begin the process of reshaping the planet to ensure our future.

Appendix: NAWAPA’s History and Scope

by Marcia Merry Baker


Obama Doesn’t Give a Dam: U.S. Water Resources Ceded to Crown’s World Wildlife Fund  

by Gretchen Small

The White House has issued an Executive Order, which, in effect, hands over the management and control of the oceans and rivers of the United States to the environmentalist fanatics of the British Crown’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Pro-PLHINO Movement in Sonora, Mexico Blasts WWF

by Dennis Small

V.I. Vernadsky’s Comments, Of Sorts, on NAWAPA

‘National Economic Revolution’: Hungary Challenges IMF/EU Austerity

by Rainer Apel

While Western European nations are buckling under to the Schachtian austerity demands of London-run supranational bureaucrats, there are signs of spirited resistance from Eastern Europe. In Hungary, the parliament has passed the “National Economic Revolution” package of Prime Minister Orban, in a direct repudiation of IMF demands.


Obama Revives Frühmenschen  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

President Obama, following in the footsteps of the racist Woodrow Wilson, has revived the FBI program known as “Frühmenschen” (primitive man), to target leading African-American public officials who have opposed his policies. At the top of the hit list are veteran Congressman Charles Rangel, and Rep. Maxine Waters. Both have decided to fight back.

Documentation: Rangel Responds to the House Ethics Committee

‘Racist to the Top’


France’s Jacques Cheminade: Why I Am Running for President  

Jacques Cheminade, leader of the Solidarity and Progress party, and a long-standing associate of Lyndon LaRouche, is a candidate for the Presidency of France. He was interviewed on The LaRouche Show July 24 by Harley Schlanger.


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