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This article appears in the August 6, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

U.S. Water Resources Ceded
To Crown's World Wildlife Fund

by Gretchen Small

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Aug. 1—Just when you thought that it could not get worse, the White House announced that, by Executive decree, management and control of the oceans and rivers of the United States is, in effect, being handed over to the genocidal environmentalist fanatics of the British Crown's World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

That the implications of the Executive Order (EO), titled, "Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes" which Obama issued on July 19, are identical with the aims of the Fund, is evidenced by the fact that the new EO was hailed by the WWF-U.S. hours before it was released, as an "historic step" towards implementing "a policy [which] has long been a top priority for the World Wildlife Fund."

This admission was issued by an organization founded and directed by Adolf Hitler-supporting royals, whose mission is to reduce the world's population to 2 billion or less. The Netherlands' Prince Bernhard, at one time, a card-carrying member of Hitler's Nazi Party, has shuffled off this mortal coil, but WWF co-founder and president emeritus, Britain's royal consort Prince Philip, still stalks the Earth, desiring to be reborn as a deadly virus.

Informed of this new Obama atrocity, Lyndon LaRouche noted that "it is very difficult to find something that the President has done, in his leading policies, which is not a crime against humanity.

"His health-care policy was a crime against humanity. His cap-and-trade initiative is a crime against humanity. Obama has now announced his intention to commit another crime against humanity."

Here, too, it is evident, that either Obama, his crowd, and these policies are thrown out of office, or the United States goes down. Obama's oceans and waters policy outlaws any such project as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), the long-planned great, tri-national project which LaRouche has identified as the "TVA of the 21st Century," the infrastructural platform for rebuilding the United States economy as a whole, while greening the Great American Desert, transforming now-barren lands into a pulsating hive of human activity (see this week's Feature.

"The NAWAPA policy is an issue which is of vital interest to the lives of the people of the U.S. And no law, or no decree, that tries to oppose this can be treated any differently than as we treated Adolf Hitler and his accomplices," LaRouche declared.

Making King George III's Day

The policies imposed through the new Executive Order are antithetical to the American policy of managing and developing our waterways as a central component of the integrated "improvement" of our territory as a whole, the which has characterized our nation since before it was founded, an outlook typified by the full-set development accomplished by Franklin Roosevelt's Tennesssee Valley Authority. Obama's policies not only prohibit any further such "improvements," but commit the Federal government to rolling back improvements accomplished by previous generations, turning the waters and the associated lands back into wilderness.

The EO establishes a National Ocean Council within the government, tasked with implementing the recommendations of an interagency task force that Obama created a year ago. In its report, released also on July 19, the taskforce outlined a program for declaring huge swathes of U.S. waters to be virtual ecological nature parks, off-limits to human activity. They call this "coastal and marine spatial planning," which aims to remedy (i.e., reverse) the fact that "human uses" of the oceans and waters are increasing.

The delighted WWF proclaimed that "for the first time, there will be a coordinated system for managing America's oceans, coasts and Great Lakes"—a system which is to be run by the same people who are willfully overseeing the destruction of the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico!

Furthermore, as WWF chairman emeritus William Reilly, co-chair of the "independent" commission appointed by Obama to cover up BP's destruction of the Gulf, made clear in Politico on April 22, the system is yet another end-run around Constitutional, Congressional action. "In the absence of action by Congress, President Barack Obama instructed an interagency task force to craft an oceans policy that can be implemented by executive order," Reilly wrote.

Make Way for Swamps

The National Oceans Council, reportedly to be headed by anti-science director John Holdren and the Council on Environmental Quality's Nancy Sutley, is only one flank of Obama's assault on America's waters.

On Dec. 3, 2009, the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) had released its proposal for rewriting, for the worse, the already rotten "Principles and Guidelines" used for water resource planning in the United States since 1983. Those proposals are to be implemented sometime after the National Academy of Sciences issues its review of them, in November 2010.

U.S. water resource policy has been hijacked by the WWF since the end of the 1960s. In 1968, Russell Train, scion of the infamous Boston Brahmin Train family and a top official of the WWF in the United States since the organization's founding, with the indispensable aid of Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson, rammed through legislation creating a National Water Commission, which Train then headed. The Water Commission stole control of policy away from the institutions which historically handled water policy (the Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Reclamation, etc.), and which remained reservoirs of continued commitment to the American outlook on "improvements." The WWF/Russell Water Commission arrogated to itself sole power to approve intra-basin water transfer projects, and promptly banned them.

The threat posted to the WWF's projects by NAWAPA, then capturing the American imagination, was thus stymied.

Now these oligarchical haters of humanity think they can turn the United States back into a wilderness. Obama's revised "Principles and Guidelines" for water use, mandate that Federal water resources planning and development, across all agencies, make "protection" of the environment "co-equal" to economic development criteria. The Obama task force complains that the 1983 standards, still in effect today, make economic development, alone, the criteria for water policy.

Further, "non-monetary benefits" such as "increased fish and wildlife benefits, or biodiversity," must be considered, in making water resource decisions. This, from the same people who, in 1973, supported the snail darter, a 9-cm fish, over the benefit to humans of construction of a TVA dam on the Little Tennessee River!

And, for the first time, evaluations of how to handle floodplains "must give full and equal consideration to nonstructural approaches that can solve the flooding problem without adversely impacting floodplain functions." Translated into practice, that means: Let those rivers rampage where they will!

In July 2009, the New York Times, and others, published a draft Executive Order on Floodplain Management, said to be under preparation by the Obama White House. Although not yet issued, the draft coheres with the intent of the July 19, 2010 EO on Oceans, Coastal Waters, and the Great Lakes. In the draft EO, Federal agencies are ordered "to protect and restore the natural resources and functions of floodplains"; "avoid the short and long term adverse effects of occupying and modifying floodplains"; and "avoid direct or indirect Federal support to development in, or adversely affecting a floodplain, whenever there is a practicable alternative."

Relocation is included among the "non-structural measures" to be favored.

Biosphere Beware!

To comprehend the depths of depravity of the mindset operating behind such jargon, compare the White House's proposed policies, even as packaged for public consumption, with the aims of the WWF Global Freshwater Programme, from which they were lifted. The WWF International website,, dedicates page after page to various aspects of their drive to restrict human use of water.

They oppose construction of any new water management programs globally, and demand that those already built be reversed; seek a shift from irrigation to "conserving" water; and propose to discourage water use by turning control over water to the "markets"—i.e., to the British Crown and its financiers—putting the cost of water use beyond the means of most human beings on the planet. Freshwater is declared to be a "finite" resource, and to ensure that it remains so, they fiercely oppose desalination of seawater, which they denounce as "the new dams of today." They even propose establishing a market for trading "water allocation rights" (perhaps, to be called piss-and-trade?).

What they put forward as "sound science" reads like a chapter from Jonathan Swift's satirical masterpiece Gulliver's Travels. In a constantly changing universe, ever evolving towards greater degrees of order and complexity, these species bean-counters declare that any change, by man, beast, or plant, as a "threat." Thus do they decry that the large Chihuahuan Desert, extending over the U.S.-Mexican border to parts of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Zacatecas, and Nuevo León, has not only been "altered by human activities over the last centuries" (God forbid!), but that now it is "threatened" by "native shrub species" moving into open grasslands!

These loonies run "free the rivers!" campaigns around the world, protesting that "for reasons of hydropower, river navigation, irrigation, and flood protection, rivers have been dammed, straightened, deepened, and cut off from the natural floodplains. The water from an entire river basin is sometimes diverted to a neighbouring river basin. Such massive engineering schemes," they complain, disrupt "natural flooding cycles."


Nazi Founders, Nazi Policies

The WWF makes no attempt at pretense of science, for their interest is not in saving animals, rivers, plants, or the Earth (never mind the Solar System), but in reducing the world's population, as rapidly as possible, to as few as possible. Their hatred of humanity pours shamelessly out of their propaganda.

Take agriculture. Prince Philip's oligarchical freaks are not just out to roll back industrial society, but agriculture itself. Ask yourself: Just how many people would be sustained in a return to hunting and gathering society globally?

Do you think this is an exaggeration? The WWF propaganda is nothing short of a declaration of war against agriculture:

"When practised without care, agriculture presents the greatest threat to species and ecosystems. Indeed, many of WWF's priority places and species are negatively impacted by agriculture.... Agriculture is the leading source of pollution in many countries."

Agriculture is "one of the thirstiest" of all human activities, consuming nearly 70% of the freshwater which human societies "appropriate" for their use globally, the WWF accuses. Sustaining agriculture requires "free-flowing water" to be "diverted and wasted by dams for irrigation." And irrigation, they shamelessly assert, "always brings with it the problem of soil salinisation."

And what is the primary sin of farming?

"Agriculture allowed and even encouraged population growth. With reliable food supplies and even surpluses, birth spacing could be reduced to one to two years. The fastest population growth rates presently occur in agricultural areas."

This is the bestiality which the very history of the United States is rising up to crush, in the weeks ahead. LaRouche summed up the case succinctly on July 27:

"All these issues which are 'green' issues of this type, the Malthusian issues, are criminal, from the standpoint of the British royal family's support of the WWF, in their attempt to perpetrate those policies on a broader scale. This is mass murder, this is worse than Adolf Hitler. And people who promote this should be put in the class of Adolf Hitler, and probably we may have to get to the same end result.

"The British monarchy are a bunch of criminals by virtue of the WWF policy. That WWF policy defines the British royal family as a bunch of criminals, as an institution. There may be individual exceptions in the family, but the point is that, overall, the family's role, its official role, with this WWF, is a crime against humanity. And those who are complicit in the WWF are complicit in a crime against humanity. And Obama is right at the center of it. Obama must go."

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