Volume 37, Number 31, August 13, 2010


NAWAPA, from the Standpoint of Biospheric Development  

by Sky Shields, Oyang Teng, Michelle Lerner, Cody Jones, and Ben Deniston

A report by LaRouche “Basement Team” members. V.I. Vernadsky identified the “biogenic migration of atoms” as the continuous flow of matter through the Biosphere as the result of living processes, creating higher and higher levels of organization in the secreted fossil materials. “Ultimately,” the authors write, “the survival of the human species will depend on man’s ability to not only organize these flows and increase their efficiency, but also, to create, from scratch, the environment of biogenic flows which he requires in order to live outside of Earth’s atmosphere, and to colonize our Solar System and beyond.” The North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) will be the first of many projects in this direction.

To Rescue the Planet: Dump Obama! Revive Glass-Steagall! Build NAWAPA!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche joins John Hoefle and Nancy Spannaus for the online LaRouche PAC Weekly Report.


LaRouche: Putin Is Right To Protect Russia’s Food Supply  

Lyndon LaRouche noted that the current problem leading to the reduction of the Russian wheat crop, largely by drought, could have been avoided, if the British, starting with the Margaret Thatcher regime, had not imposed such destructive policies on Russia, in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Abolish Pelosi’s Racist OCE Hit-Squad—Now!  

by Edward Spannaus

A majority of House members actually voted down the legislation creating the unconstitutional Office of Congressional Ethics, before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated her own rules, in order to ram it through. Here is the sordid, untold story of how it happened.

Rangel, Waters Vow To Fight Witchhunt

by Nancy Spannaus

Not surprisingly, it was Lyndon LaRouche who stepped forward to rally support for the embattled Congressmen.

LaRouche Youth Movement Congressional Campaigns Drive for NAWAPA Now!

by Harley Schlanger

The campaigns of Rachel Brown (in Massachusetts, against Barney Frank), Kesha Rogers (in Texas), and Summer Shields (in California, against Nancy Pelosi) are moving into high gear, well before the traditional Labor Day campaign take-off.

Obama Sabotage Defeated: Congress Defends U.S. Space Exploration

by Marsha Freeman


Long-Term Planning for a Post-War Afghanistan  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Washington should commit itself to two objectives: driving the international opium traffickers and their patrons out of Afghanistan, and building the foundation for Afghanistan’s almost non-existent mining and manufacturing sectors, in tandem with its dilapidated agricultural sector. But Obama’s running hard in the opposite direction.


Time for a Memorable Celebration