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This article appears in the August 13, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

To Rescue the Planet: Dump Obama!
Revive Glass-Steagall! Build NAWAPA!

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Aug. 4—Lyndon LaRouche was the featured guest on LPAC-TV's Weekly Report today, hosted by John Hoefle; they were joined by EIR Editor Nancy Spannaus. A video of the dialogue can be found at:

Hoefle: Welcome to the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report.

Lyn, you have some very interesting things to say, some new developments on our infrastructure program, and the transformation of the planet.

LaRouche: We have two things to consider, and what I am saying, will, today, will be an oral indicator of what will be produced here, in the studios, as documentation, and be done with the cooperation with the Basement Team [see] in the neighboring town. And therefore, I shall outline this, and indicate what we are going to be doing.

We have two general questions, which intersect on the expulsion of the President from his office, at present. Because without the expulsion of Obama from the office of the Presidency, in the near term, there is no hope for the United States. And if the United States goes, you will have a chain-reaction collapse of the entire world system. That is where we are.

We need two things, therefore. We need documentaries produced, which will assist people in understanding exactly what it is I am going to say today. But it should be on the record first, because it will take a couple of weeks to get these things produced. And we need to have something now, on the breaking situation. We are already at the breaking point, at which, at any time—it is now essentially unpredictable—we are in a period, between the end of June and some time in September, during which, at present, the entire U.S. economy will disintegrate, unless something is done to change the perspective.

The first condition is that, Obama has to be out. As long as Obama remains President, there is no hope of saving the United States. And we are not talking about November, we are talking about August and September: That is the interval we are looking at right now. That is number one. This intersects the alternative, and the alternative has several components.

First of all, the solution to this crisis lies in the attempt to get a Glass-Steagall measure through, That is number one. In other words, the sequence is: Fire Obama! Number one. Without that, disaster. Step number two: an emergency reenactment of Glass-Steagall, as defined originally by Roosevelt: exactly, no change from the Roosevelt specifications. That enables a third measure. And the third measure is to utilize the potential for a NAWAPA program.

The area of the NAWAPA territory, that is, the target area of development of NAWAPA, in North America, we have a vast number of contractors who are unemployed—this is important. We have in the vicinity of this area, as in California and the state of Washington, we have many people with engineering qualifications, of one degree or another, who are capable of doing this job. So we have a population of contractors—we are talking about hundreds of thousands available in this area; we have hundreds of thousands of technicians, engineers, and scientists, who are also unemployed, with no prospect of employment, right now, under the present system.

So therefore, this program, the combination of firing Obama—get him out of there! If you value your life, get him out of there! And first thing, Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall will eliminate the bailout problem, which means the Federal government will then have the means, after Glass-Steagall is enacted, at that point, the means to utter Federal credit, for programs which will be led by the NAWAPA program. The NAWAPA program will involve hundreds of thousands of employees, and the shovel goes in, right at the start: In other words, we can have, as early as September, if this is done, or at the latest, the beginning of October, we can have a major project, which will reverse the tide, on the present, oncoming disintegration of the United States.

If Obama remains as President, we know what his profile is: He's the Emperor Nero, he's Adolf Hitler, he's Obama. These are three examples of a type, which, once allowed to come into positions of power, of great power, become a danger to all humanity. And we have got to get rid of Obama, the same way we would have to get rid of Hitler. It is the same thing. Because they have the same kind of personality. It is a failed personality. The design stinks! It doesn't function.

Now, you put a failed personality, who is completely impotent on their own, like Adolf Hitler, a lousy painter—and he should have stayed at that profession—but, you put a failed personality into a position of power, where the crisis is such, that you have dictatorial conditions, as today! Obama's personal profile, psychological profile, is that, exactly identical to the type of Adolf Hitler and to the Emperor Nero. And under these conditions, he will act under the present circumstances, if not to prevent it, he would do the same thing to the people of the United States, that Nero did to the people of Rome, and that Adolf Hitler did in Europe.

So you have got to get him out, on the basis that he has already committed enough crimes to be impeached anyway. But we just want him out of there. So, we have to take those kinds of measures.

Obama in the Bunker

Now, that would work. Because, if you remove Obama, now, you will find that the political system will change. Why? Because, over 80% of the U.S. adult population wants Obama out. Probably more, actually, but the indications of his unpopularity go into the order of 80%. He's a failed personality, very dangerous. He becomes more dangerous when he fails. That is his greatest point, like Hitler. Look at Hitler in the bunker in Berlin. That is exactly what you are looking at with him. "Obama in the bunker," today's version of Hitler in the bunker. It is a remake of "Hitler in the Bunker": Obama in the Bunker.

Once he is out, then Glass-Steagall will go in. Because the population which is backing him, or stooges for Obama in the Congress, will fade. They will fade like the cowards they are. Because they echo the President! The President is a failed personality. He exerts tyrannical power. But he's a weakling. So if you break his authoritarian power, he will fold. And those who have kissed the butt of Obama, in the Congress, will also begin to fold. Nancy Pelosi may lose a lot of face, suddenly, all at once.

So, now you have a different situation. And what the population now wants, going into the Fall election—even before the election, is clear: They want Obama out! And they want the skunks, who are his henchmen inside the Congress, out! They want the whole Obama team out! We can keep the rest of the Federal Administration. That will work. But what we will do, is then, we will go on this basis, of launching this program.

Now, most people do not really understand this program. They understand, and will understand, that there is a possibility—forget Obama's crazy manufacturing, he has no idea what he's talking about; I do not think he cares what he's saying.

Spannaus: No, he doesn't.

LaRouche: He's a faker.

Hoefle: He manufactures statistics, mostly.

LaRouche: Well, he doesn't even manufacture them. He just invents them, out of thin air.

But when we say that we are going to take hundreds of thousands, of presently skilled, unemployed people—forget the unskilled, just the skilled ones, contractors or workers in the contracting field—and remember that in this area, where the Glass-Steagall application is to be made, on the basis of NAWAPA, this is where a lot of these people are. And they sit there, with hopelessness about any employment. Their families are disintegrating, the usual thing. Then, you have hundreds of thousands of highly skilled people, who also are hopeless. You put these people to work on a project which is going to go on for decades, and you will immediately begin to produce results.

And then, it has a third aspect, which we mentioned last week: The third aspect, is, we are going to change the environment. We are going to destroy all solar cells, solar collectors. Destroy them! Because they actually cost more, than they provide. They take away more power than they give you. And they're a lousy investment. We are going to get rid of windmills, we are going to get Don Quixote, wherever he is; he has got a job waiting for him: Get rid of these windmills! And we do not care how he does it, we just hope he wins.

Because what we are going to do, is, we are going to go to a different kind of program: We are going to nuclear power, as a driver. We are going to thermonuclear power as a driver. And anybody who is opposed to that, is an idiot, and a danger to their own health. So that means, that we are going to make a change beyond that, with this program, which is going to change the entire planet.

What this is going to do, is, by this project—reorganizing the water system of that area, Alaska, Canada, and the northern part of Mexico—it is going to change the entire climate of the United States, among other places. And it will have a world impact. Because, what will happen is, if you get green trees and leafy vegetables, particularly—and trees are the best, because they give you about 10% reward in terms of energy and cooling, for everything you put into them. And leafy vegetables are the best. Grains are poorer; they are not efficient per acre, in terms of the effect we want.

What we want, is to take this extra water, which is now going into the Pacific, from Canada and from Alaska, into the northern part of the Pacific—we are going to put that water, instead of dumping it into the Pacific as is happening now—we are going to move that water into this Rocky Mountain stream, from Alaska on down. Now, that water will be used, initially, to promote the green growth, and we will have a planning process on that.

When you put green growth in this area of the NAWAPA project, you are generating a moisture factor, which will now give you rainfall in the adjoining area. The rainfall in the adjoining area, will give you evaporation, which will give you rainfall in the next area. So you have got a cycle right across, which runs from the Pacific to the Atlantic, of currents of weather; and high-density moisture, coming in from the western area, suddenly begins to become that way. Then you will get a pattern, where you will not be draining the Ogallala Aquifer and sinking the level of the land, draining down [this water]. You will now be generating, an automatic process, where the same amount of moisture, represented by the input of water from NAWAPA, is going to rain many times, on its passage from the Rocky Mountain area, to the Atlantic Coast. Which means you are going to change the environment.

So get rid of solar cells. They are completely useless—the solar cells will give you less energy than you put in. Because the deterioration of the power caused by desertification, caused by too many solar cells, will actually cost you more in power, than you get from it, on top of—

Spannaus: You have to cut down trees to put up solar cells!

LaRouche: I know. Well, you should cut down solar cells and makers to defend the trees.

So, now, what we need to do, is, this is scientific work. Most Americans, even most technicians, most engineers, do not understand this, this kind of engineering. Because what we are doing—when we do this in the United States, you are going to have the effect, immediately: Russia is going to come in with the same policies. But it is going to be different, but it is going to be a Russian policy. It will integrate with this.

We can do the same thing for Africa. The only thing that will save Africa—if you are not for this program, you are against Africa, and everybody in Africa should hate you! Because you are their enemy! Everything that is done for Africa now, by Europeans and by the United States, is generally fake. If you look at Africa from the sky at night, look down, and see where you see the lights, at nighttime. And over most of Africa, you do not see any lights at nighttime. Why? Because there is no power there! Or no significant power.

What is the problem with Africa? It is the same problem we have in the United States: It is an infrastructure problem. Africa has all the resources, in itself, needed to develop. But it must have the power factor, and the water-management factor, to do that. Which means that what you have to do in Africa, is the kind of infrastructure program, which we are proposing for the United States itself, the kind of infrastructure program we need for Europe, for Russia, and so forth.

And the same kind of thing is what China needs, and also India, in a different way. India needs the nuclear reactors, the smaller versions. And they need them desperately, because you have a large section of the Indian population which has no chance of coming up without it, because there is no infrastructure, to speak of, for much of the Indian population. And its situation is not as tough, in some respects, as China's, but it is a very serious situation: 1.1 billion people; China, 1.4 billion people. And without this kind of development, you are not going to solve that problem. And in any case, it is going to require a long-term investment program. China has got to rely, largely, upon converting its lost capacity, which is lost from the world market, it has got to convert that into an infrastructure factor. To develop the interior of China, to a degree, that you actually can create the conditions for higher productivity and development of the population, of the unskilled part of the population. India has a similar kind of problem. It is an Asian problem, typically.

In Russia, they have got vast resources under the soil, in Russia itself, and also in the Asian area. But that requires development. That requires a transportation system, an improved transportation system.

Getting Out of the Woods

To do this, we have to go on a global scale: We have to develop maglev rail systems, which are strategic. They are no longer just continental; they are intercontinental. Taking the area of the Bering Strait tunnel/bridge operation, which means that you are connecting all of Europe to the expansion of the rail system, into the United States, into Alaska, down through Canada, down through Mexico, and through the Darien Gap, and down to the tip of South America.

And on the European side, through various contacts across, into the Mediterranean region, into Africa.

So now, you build a system, which is based on power and transportation, essentially. And the kind of infrastructure programs we are developing also for the United States, under a NAWAPA program. And that is the way you are going to solve the problem.

We do not have industries—I mean, when the President talks about manufacturing, he's just lying! He's an idiot, he's babbling, doesn't know what he's talking about! He has done everything possible to destroy manufacturing. He has done a better job at that, than even Bush did, before him. He's a wrecker. And he's a madman. Anything he says is not true, not necessarily because he's lying. He is lying in a sense—technically, he is a liar, among his other virtues, but the thing is, he's insane. So, when you say, the man is a liar, well, you say he is clinically insane. You treat him as insane, rather than as a liar; you do not convict him for lying. That is worthless, it won't do any good, because he won't understand what the punishment is. After all, he is the Emperor Nero, he's an Adolf Hitler, as well as himself, and therefore, he can do no wrong! So, how can you convict him of doing bad things? You have to convict him of insanity. As Hitler should have been convicted, and Nero should have been.

So, what we will need to do: There are features of the program which I have laid out, which are beyond the understanding, technically, and scientifically, of most people. The people who have to do the work generally, the scientists, the engineers, the construction workers, and so forth, who are crucial for this program—they know how to do their job, or they can learn how to do it very quickly, because they have the basic skills, and perspective to do it.

So, the minute we get Glass-Steagall through, we have to proceed immediately, just to utter the general contract, and agreements between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, to start the program.

We will also enter into reformed treaty-agreements with Russia, and with Russia's partners in Asia. We will look for, hopefully, that Germany will come in on this soon, as a participant in developing the program.

This means that we are out of the woods, in a sense. We are going up, really, for the first time, since Truman. Actually, the United States has been going down, economically, in physical economy, since Truman. We know some things we have built, some things we did. But the net effect, in terms of long-term, real capital, productive capital and technology, the net thing is, we have lost it! And the most conspicuous loss is from 1965-66; 1968 was a turning point. The collapse of the world system, with the Summer of 1971: This started a process of accelerated collapse.

It is not only the United States that has collapsed; since the treaty-agreements on the euro, which were put through by Mitterrand, Thatcher, and George H.W. Bush, Europe, itself, and Russia, have been going down, grossly! And the markets for other nations, that these nations represented, are gone. So therefore, we have to change everything.

And the changes that we make, initially, the obvious first steps, are clear. Any competent engineer, or engineering group, any competent set of construction workers, can start putting the shovel in the ground, right away! Because the whole project is mapped out. So, we divide the thing into a major, overall project, which involves international agreements. Underneath the international agreements, we have the regional agreements, based on the assignment for various parts of the whole project, from Alaska all the way down. And it is extendable, through treaty-agreements with countries to the south, beyond Mexico, through the Darien Gap, and down through South America.

On the European side, the Bering Strait project, which is a tunnel that is already essentially designed, not perfectly, but it is designed and ready to go—we start on that. And the intention will be to develop, again, our relationship, through a land route, through a tunnel/land-route connection, into Eurasia.

And at the same time, with cooperation from key countries, we now open the gates for an infrastructure map, a major grid, of power, water, transportation, for Africa. And that is all the Africans really need. Because, without that infrastructure, they cannot develop. With that infrastructure, other things can be added to the infrastructure which will then work.

They Will Know the Recovery Has Come

So, what we are going to have to do, which is why I say, we'll have to do more video work on this, is, map this out, step-by-step, through video productions, to show people, who are ordinary citizens, what the devil we are talking about! Up front, they will get it. Very simply, we can actually start to recover: When people see the people, in California and Washington State, who are being thrown into the ditch, under the present Governor [Schwarzenegger], who is a Rothschild character, owned, and when they see people getting jobs back, in areas like this area, where the construction work is to be done, and getting the jobs back of skilled engineers and others, in Washington State, California, and so forth, they will know, the recovery has come. They will no longer have to listen to the nonsense and lies from Obama. They will recognize we have turned the corner. We are going up.

But now, they have to understand where we are going. And they have to understand what we are talking about, in terms of science. They have to be given briefs on what this water-management thing is. How are we going to increase the rainfall level, and the foliage, across the entire territory of the United States? How are we going to take the whole Western area, west of the 20-inch rainfall line, and suddenly make that a very fruitful area, for habitation, as well as for crops, trees, whatnot.

They have to know what these things are. You can't just say, "Have faith in me." You have got to give them what the plan is, give them what they know firsthand: You are going to get jobs. We are going to reverse this nonsense. And we are going to stop the bailout, under Federal law.

But now, they have to understand what we are talking about in terms of the future. What the scientific changes in the organization of the planet are going to be. And we are going to realize at that point, that we are talking about space. We are talking about a development of the entire area of the Earth, with a new system, a new system of development of the planet territory of Earth. And this will change our relationship within the Solar System.

Man's role on Earth under these conditions, will begin to affect the basis for development in nearby areas of the Solar System. For example, we will be developing industries on the Moon. They will not be places you go to work to, but—

Spannaus: No commute!

LaRouche: No commuting! No frequent commuting is allowed. Daily commuting is off the table!

But what you will do, is you will actually create automatic factories. Because, if you want to build equipment, to go into further areas within the Solar System, you require some pretty big stuff. And the cost of moving construction materials from the surface of the Earth, up to the Moon, or even beyond that, is just prohibitive. So what you will do is, you will take the fact that we have got helium-3 isotope abundantly stored on the Moon, and helium-3 isotope is the driver for interplanetary rocketry.

In other words, you can get into Earth and Mars orbit within days, as opposed to, like 300 days, but in a matter of days. And so therefore, now, the Solar System begins to be opened up to us, by the rates of acceleration you can get with a helium-3 fusion burn.

So, what we are talking about is the development of the Earth, improving our management of our environment—a real environmental program!—which will then extend man's influence into beginning to pioneer and develop the other parts of the Solar System. Which means that man's destiny is now defined, for future generations, if we do this, that man is man in the Solar System. That man is man in the galaxy. Because, with these kinds of technologies and what lies beyond them, that is available.

And we have to understand, that the individual living today, is without meaning in life: It is taken away from them! People can't even keep their own homes, that they had bought. Reversing that, but not only that, but giving them a sense of a certain kind of immortality: that their life will mean something in terms of benefits to future generations, in which they will morally participate, and give them a sense of immortality, in this sense; that even after they are dead, what they will have done, will live on, in this Solar System, and beyond. It is that moral change, which is most crucial.

But to get the moral change, you have to get certain physical changes, first, in order to convince the population, that there is a destiny for them, and that beyond the span of their life, their life has meaning, efficient meaning, of which they can be proud, for coming generations after they are dead.

And that is the change, it is a moral change as much as a physical change. But it is the kind of physical change, which is essential for the moral change. And we do have hope.

So, we will require some carefully produced videos to break down these things we already know, or things we are beginning to know, and put it, step-by-step, step-by-step, and educate the American population, first of all, in the fact that they have a future, if we get this guy out, and make these fundamental changes. Want jobs? Hundreds of thousands of jobs for engineers and people like that; hundreds of thousands of jobs for skilled construction workers, and many more jobs for people who are employed as a by-product of these skilled people being employed: When they see that, they know we are going to win.

But beyond that, you can not just give them pie-in-the-sky; you have got to break it down, and show them, step-by-step, what this is all about.

The American System: Not a Monetary System

Hoefle: Yes. Most of us have been completely brainwashed, to think about everything in terms of money. And so, when you say, "We are going to launch these programs," there are people out there who will say, "But wait a minute, we can't afford that!"

LaRouche: We can't afford them!

Hoefle: And, you know, we can't afford not to do it, and it is not a matter of money. It is a matter of our having a future.

LaRouche: Well, people have an illusion about money, because they think money is something sacred.

Massachusetts, before they took away the Massachusetts Bay Charter, had a better understanding of economy, than anybody in Europe ever understood.

Spannaus: Talk about modern economy! They had it better then!

LaRouche: The American System is not based on a monetary system! The American System, Constitutionally, and otherwise, is based on a credit system. Now, most people out there have been brainwashed not to know that. It is not that they invented this idea; they were told it was true, and they were told to believe it. They said, "You see that money? You need that money? Okay, well, That is sacred—and we own it. And you have to kiss our butt in order to get that money."

So, they have been so brainwashed by this kind of myth, they do not realize that credit is simply: If you are going to produce something, which is an improvement in productivity for the American people, an increase in the productive powers of labor, then you can expend credit, which will be repaid later, by the developments that you will contribute to. So what you have to do, is you have to be sure, that when you spend money, or utter credit, that, overall—you may have a mistake here or there—but that overall, en masse, the credit you utter is actually going to be payable, it is going to be redeemable.

So now, you are not taking money, as if money were a power, as a property. You are taking money as an instrument, now, of credit. And therefore, the power to create credit must now be taken away from Wall Street and London. Cancel it! "The contract is cancelled, buddy! No more 'your money'! We are now going to go back to money for a credit system, under the U.S. Constitution: The Federal government controls the utterance of money, because money is now only credit, and you do not utter it, unless the Federal government utters it." That is our Constitution. We violate it all the time! But the point is, it has been the American Constitutional conception, since the Massachusetts Bay Colony still had its charter! That is the American System.

Europe never had that system! There were some efforts in that direction, by a controlled fixed-exchange-rate system. But we are going to have to go to a fixed-exchange-rate international system, based on a Glass-Steagall standard for banking. And we are going to have mercantile banking, not this crazy kind of banking. We are going to cancel it! If every bank on Wall Street goes down, that will not be a tragedy; that will be a blessing! We want the commercial banks, which do regular banking, not speculative banking: No more Alan Greenspan, or anything like him. Get rid of him!

But, the people have to understand this. Most people out there do not know what a credit system is! Even though it is our Constitutional system. So, we have to make these things clear.

Spannaus: I think the other major brainwashing item is, people not seeing man's relationship to nature. That we create! I remember back in one of your campaigns, in the early 1990s, we did a series of full-page ads on infrastructure, in the Washington Times. And I think the best one was done by Marcia Merry, because she started off—she was talking about water, and she said, "Forget the idea that we have a fixed amount of water! Man creates usable, potable water. Not, 'it is given to us.' " But people have been brainwashed, especially since the end of the 1960s, into thinking there are fixed resources, that we have to adapt, that all we do is pollute nature, as opposed to the fact: We create!

I was looking at the advanced copy of what's coming out of the Basement on the NAWAPA program, and it begins, right off the bat, with a shocker! Which is, just take some of the ordinary foods that you think grow out there, from the abundance of nature: corn, apples—but man has developed those, to the point of being sources of nutrition, in a way that they never existed in the "natural" state (see article, p. 4).

LaRouche: Unlike Monsanto, the "unnatural"—

Spannaus: Yes, unlike the natural—

LaRouche: The unnatural opponent to what goes against the grain!

Man Is a Creator, Not a Slave

Spannaus: Right. I mean, you are liberating people from this idea, of "we are consumers of some fixed resources" to, on the highest level, being a co-creator of what will benefit future generations.

LaRouche: That is slavery. That whole idea is the principle of slavery. Man has always been productive, but then, you had developed in Europe, for example, and developed in other parts of the world, a system of slavery! Where a ruling class would say, as the famous Olympian Zeus business, from Prometheus Bound: that man could not use fire. Man had no right to create the means, the ordinary person, because the ordinary people were treated as slaves. And serfdom was slavery! They had no rights. So they created money, a monetary system, which was controlled by people who were predators, ruling predators, and they kept the population down: The Roman Empire, for example, was engaged in constant genocide against this group, that group, that group! Wars were organized as a form of genocide, as population control. Starvation, epidemics, were organized—not because they knew how to make diseases, but they knew how to spread them.

Spannaus: Oh, for sure!

LaRouche: And knew how to starve people. So, there was population control!

And this thing, that the British Empire represents, like the World Wildlife Fund, of the Queen and her family: The motive for this, is that! The motive of the Queen of England, is genocide! She does push drugs! She does push genocide—her husband is more famous for it; Bertrand Russell was the author of genocide! And it is the same damn thing!

The idea, you want to control the population: Kill the old people, kill the sick! Spread epidemics! Destroy medical care!

Spannaus: What this so-called President is pushing, exactly!

LaRouche: Well, that is what he is: He's Adolf Hitler. He has exactly the same policies as Adolf Hitler, but he didn't get them from Hitler. He got them from the British, who created Hitler. And it is the British policy, of genocide. And they practiced it in India! The British genocide in India, is notorious!

Spannaus: Right, deliberate famines, millions of people.

LaRouche: And, it was all written, proudly, by the British East India Company, in the 18th Century!

Spannaus: And they say the same thing now, about NAWAPA, and they said the same thing, when it was initially proposed: They said, "This is bad! Because this will show people that we do not have a shortage of resources, and they will get too big for their britches, for goodness sake, and we do not want more food, more product! That will mean more people, and we do not want more people! We want to reduce the population!"

LaRouche: I think it is important to emphasize another thing, that the idea of population control is not overpopulation. The point is, we have shown, that with the aid of science, and Classical modes of culture, because Classical culture—

You know where this rock music stuff came from, right? Why was this introduced? This was introduced after World War II. It was introduced to make the population stupid. Why? Because the purpose was to prevent the population from developing the ability of sovereignty. And therefore, by cutting down productivity, through cutting down infrastructure, by cutting inventions, technology, what you are doing is, you are forcing a collapse of the population. And you are also, at the same time, by the kind of rock culture, the postwar culture, which was imposed by various agencies, in the United States, as well as in Europe, that this made people stupid.

And people became stupid, no longer oriented toward science, no longer oriented toward progress: They were out to play with themselves, in a primitive way, like monkeys in a zoo. And therefore, we have a population that is not even oriented, presently, to save its own butt!

So therefore, the idea is to keep people stupid! Do not allow them to have technologies; do not allow them to have the ability to control the planet. Keep them stupid. And if you keep them stupid, and not too numerous, then a minority can control them. And that is what the British Empire represents.

It is not the people of the United Kingdom; they are victims, too. It is the Queen and what she represents; it is that crowd. They are evil. And their purpose is to keep people stupid. Because if you can keep them stupid, which was the law, which is what—

Spannaus: Slavery, again, yes!

LaRouche: Well, the case of the Olympian Zeus, this is the point: Keep the people stupid! Do not let them have the knowledge of fire, do not let them have the knowledge of technology. And that is what the point is.

This is genocide. It is deliberate, intentional genocide, by a certain group of people, including cultural groups. And we have to realize that these people are the same thing as Adolf Hitler. Their goals are identical to those of Hitler. And Hitler got his goals from the British Empire, which created him, out of mud! Or something less—

Spannaus: Less useful!

LaRouche: Less useful.

So the point is, this is Bertrand Russell; this is the World Wildlife Fund; this is the British royal family! They are the worst bastards on the planet! You want to talk about genocide? That is their policy! What do you think they've been doing in Africa? What they used to do in India: Genocide!

And what is Obama's policy? genocide! He is probably too insane to know it, but it is genocide. And we have got to defend the United States against the genocide, which an Obama Administration, on behalf of the British, is bringing down on the United States population, right now!

None of this was necessary. But it was only necessary in the minds of those who practice genocide, who know the intent of keeping people stupid, with no motivation for actual work. They go out, like monkeys in a zoo, and play with themselves, and call that their "cultural life."

Spannaus: Or be sent into a war, here or there, to kill each other off.

LaRouche: Well, that doesn't even work any more.

Spannaus: Not enough. Russell said that, too: He said, that doesn't kill enough people, we have to do other things.

Hoefle: Our belief in money and monetarism, our belief in this economic system that has just collapsed, is part of that process of keeping us stupid, and making sure that we can't actually do anything, to change. As long as we believe in that, we are trapped!

A Sacred Mission: Defending the Constitution

LaRouche: Well, my duty as a citizen, in this country, is to uphold and defend our Constitution, which is the greatest instrument of government which has yet existed on this planet. Improvements could be made beyond that, but they have yet to be made. And I have to defend this people, and the rights of this Constitution, against these people who are predators, who have usurped the power of our Constitution and government, and are trying to destroy the principle of the Constitution itself. These guys, to me, are traitors. They are traitors who are in the service of a foreign power, the British Empire. That doesn't mean the people of the United Kingdom, that means the British monarchy and what it represents; that means Jacob Rothschild; that means the Inter-Alpha Group. These are the predators! The New Venetians, the international Venetians that control 70% of the banking of the world, right now. These are the enemy!

And my job is to do what I can, as a citizen, to defeat that enemy of our nation. And Obama is an enemy of the United States. And he has to be put in a mental asylum or similar place, where he can do no more harm.

And I would say, that Nancy Pelosi is about to lose face.

Hoefle: It could only help.

LaRouche: It would help shut her up!

Spannaus: Well, she has been caught red-handed, or bare-faced, or whatever, in terms of this witchhunt against the people in the Black Caucus, that the President himself is absolutely—

LaRouche: They are racists! They are trying to get racism going again! Deliberately: Here, you have a black anti—you have a mongrel.[1]

Spannaus: Right! A mongrel.

LaRouche: He's trying to establish the Mongrel Empire! With all the fixin's!

Spannaus: Right. I do remember that Time, when he was running for office, asking, "Is he black enough?" Well, clearly, they knew that he was not black at all, in terms of—

LaRouche: It wasn't his skin that was black, it was his—

Spannaus: I know: It was his heart! It was his heart!

LaRouche: No, he is nothing but a puppet! He's nothing but a puppet: You have a piece of trash, and obviously, morally and intellectually, the man is trash. The failed personality, like Nero, like Adolf Hitler. Hitler was trash, Nero was trash.

Spannaus: And increasing sections of the population are realizing that now, in particular, the African-American section of the population is—

LaRouche: Anybody who was in the civil rights movement, knows this guy is a mongrel. He has called himself a mongrel; he's a mongrel!

Spannaus: He was speaking autobiographically.

LaRouche: No, he was trying to establish, I think, the Mongrel Empire!

So, it is not just a matter of opinion: Our Constitution is valid morally. It is the best Constitution we have had on this planet yet. It has been violated frequently, by bad Presidents and similar things, but it is our Constitution. And it was the intent of Europeans who came here, to initiate the founding of this country, in effect, to make this available to the world. Our job in the United States, is to take the dedication on which we were founded, as in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the first, concrete definition of what the principles are, and to ensure that that agreement, that intention, is defended. Not for the sake of us, or for greed, but for the sake of all humanity. Our job as the United States, is to look into the tradition of how we were founded, how Europeans in particular founded what became the United States.

The mission was to free Europe, immediately, to free Europe from oppression by its oligarchical classes! The imperial classes. To free the Europeans from imperialism, and to provide a model and place of refuge. Our job is not to fight wars. Our job is to defend the United States, and protect the rights of other people who should have the same rights.

It is a sacred mission. And those of us who take the United States Constitution seriously, must enforce the Constitution, and find the means to do so. We have, I think, the means to do so: We have a failed President, who was failed from the beginning. We have a failed Presidential regime. We have a failed Congress! We have been betrayed! The people have been betrayed!

Eighty percent of the adult population, hates this! They are being destroyed! Their rights are being smashed! Mass evictions, which never should have happened; loss of employment; industries gone. Cruelties beyond belief. Insanity—I mean the guy in Connecticut, who pulled out a pistol and shot people in the warehouse area. Mass death. It is a manifestation of the madness which is taking over a desperate population, driven to desperation, exploding with rage—and we are at the point, we are about to lose it.

And therefore, those of us who understand our Constitution, and know its importance, and are prepared to defend it, must defend it against this President, and those who control him. Otherwise, we do not have a nation. And every patriot is going to join me. Unless they're stupid!

Hoefle: When it breaks down, it breaks down very quickly. It is not a linear process that drags out, indefinitely.

A True Environmental Policy: Chlorophyll

LaRouche: It's worth something to emphasize that this is what has happened since the death of Franklin Roosevelt. People are ignorant of economy; they believe in monetary economy. They do not understand physical economy. That is why most economists are so damned stupid: They think of a monetary system, not of a physical system.

And what has happened is, we had an accumulation of capital, physical capital, physical improvements, including the education of our people. We have destroyed that education systematically, over the past period. We have stupid people! The education given to students today in schools is stupid! It is stupefying!

Spannaus: It got worse every generation.

LaRouche: Exactly. So therefore, it is called a de-generation, successive de-generation.

So, what has happened is, you have water systems, public water systems, where the wooden pipes are breaking apart. That tells you the age of the system! Washington, D.C., Baltimore, so forth, other areas, all over the United States, the water systems are breaking down. The pollution is increasing. Every system, medical services, industrial production, all kinds of skills.

So therefore, what is happening, which is causing the depression, is not a monetary crisis. The monetary crisis is a reflection of the insanity imposed upon a process of destroying the physical economy. And we have reached a point where, unless we reverse that, and start producing a net physical product of high technology, unless we break up the solar cells, as a piece of maddening insanity, get rid of this green policy that they have now—and go to a real green policy—chlorophyll—then we do not have a chance.

So therefore, the reason we are having a breakdown crisis, is not because of fluctuation in the financial markets. The financial problem is, we are in a hyperinflationary mode: That if you take the total amount of money imputed to be in circulation; and you take the percentile of that money which has correspondence to physical reality, you find it is diminishing, almost toward zero. Whereas, the other money, is increasing and multiplying like rabbits—or worse! And therefore, money is now becoming worthless.

But that is not the crisis! The crisis is the physical production per capita. And the resources on which that production depends, is collapsing.

So we are now at the point, that if we do not reverse the policies against the direction that Obama represents, we are going to lose this nation this year!

Spannaus: I think you pointed this out, in a very famous study, back in 1974, about biological holocaust on a world basis. There, we were talking about Africa, but it goes for the whole world: You impose IMF-style conditions of destruction of production and people and their skills, and you basically create a New Dark Age. New diseases, new viruses grow—that has happened; it has been documented that it has happened. The destructive capability of the planet takes over, when man is deprived, by monetarism, and the royal family, of his proper role in the culture.

We said it, in 1975!

LaRouche: Yes, I know. Being an old economist, and being—

Spannaus: I mean, you said a number of things before that, also, but that was a very graphic demonstration.

LaRouche: Yes. Well, we had a problem in Africa that signaled that. We had the north Sahara problem, and the locusts.

Spannaus: Yes, and there was a whole malaria breakout and cholera breakout at that time, which was totally avoidable!

LaRouche: In 1975, that was the locust plague. How we control that. We eventually came up with this rather sophisticated method.

Spannaus: Yes, of this solar-sonar bombardment, or something like that.

LaRouche: Yes, we had the technology. It was not developed, but we had the technology. We could take planes, low-flying planes, and whenever a locust outbreak occurred in northern Africa, we could fly low, and by radiation, we could kill off the locusts.

We actually ran a test down in Louisiana, on large, fat locusts, and we demonstrated that this process would succeed. This was never developed on scale, because there was no support for it. But it was part of—it was actually an auxiliary of the SDI.

Spannaus: It was fascinating! Right, right. Yes, it was!

LaRouche: It was a project I got into, which became part of the SDI.

Hoefle: "Beam the bugs."

Spannaus: "Beam the Bugs," Right! We had a candidate in Baltimore during that period, who was talking about "beaming the rats"!

LaRouche: If you tune in on something, it is a weapon.

Hoefle: Let's start with Wall Street. [laughter]

Spannaus: Yes, right, that would be more productive per capita.

LaRouche: Precisely.

Hoefle: So, we have got work to do, and the viewers have work to do, to make sure they understand what it is that we are talking about! We'll help them with that.

Spannaus: And they move now, to carry out the preconditions: Fire Obama! Glass-Steagall!

LaRouche: Boom! There he goes! That is not Superman, that is Obama!

Hoefle: I am ready to have a show where we talk about the post-Obama era!

LaRouche: I thought we were!

Spannaus: Because we are in it! Now, there is a change in physical space-time we really need right away.

LaRouche: The Doom of the Mongrel Empire.

[1] Appearing on the ABC-TV program, "The View," July 29, in which his firing of African-American Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod was discussed, Obama was asked about his own background, which includes a black father and white mother. Obama said of African-Americans: "We are sort of a mongrel people. I mean we are all kinds of mixed up." Obama added: "That is actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it."

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