Volume 37, Number 32, August 20, 2010


Learn from NAWAPA: Mind or Body?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

While the NAWAPA project, developed in the 1960s by the Ralph M. Parsons Company, will be the greatest infrastructure project in history, it is no mere construction program, but the basis for a general recovery of our planet. “To this end, we have combined what we have adopted as that goal for the NAWAPA project with the implications of a mission-orientation of creating the pre-conditions of man’s ability to fly to, and return from a landing on Mars, that, hopefully, within this presently ongoing century, that on the condition that we can oust a far worse than merely useless President Obama from office now.”


Wall Street Is Not Dying; It Is Dead! Please Don’t Be Silly!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Federal Reserve System has reached a state of monetarist desperation, and declared its intention to exactly copy the hyperinflation that brought Weimar Germany to a breakdown crisis in 1923, writes LaRouche.

Federal Reserve Sparks Hyperinflation: Implement Glass-Steagall in September!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

It is high time to stop the “irrational exuberance” and irresponsible gambling, writes Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and instead, to allocate productive credit for large infrastructure projects, to rebuild the world economy.

Obama’s Auto-Eroticism Disastrous for Economy

by Paul Gallagher


Sykes-Picot Redux: Will London’s Puppet Israel Soon Launch Attack on Iran?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Intelligence sources report that Netanyahu’s Israel is planning a near-term strike on Iran, but there is still time for a serious diplomatic effort to resolve the outstanding issues.

NAWAPA: Bridging the Darien Gap

by Dennis Small

The Darien Gap project, along with the Bering Strait tunnel, will allow the full link-up of the Americas, North and South, with the World Land-Bridge. Such an achievement, in combination with NAWAPA, would lead to an unprecedented explosion of physical-economic productivity worldwide.


Like Nero and Hitler: Obama Is a Failed Personality  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The trajectory of Obama’s patterns of behavior, is exactly identical, from a clinical standpoint, to that of Nero and Adolf Hitler!, LaRouche declared on the LPAC-TV Weekly Report Aug. 11.

Racist Charges Challenged: Rangel, Waters Stun Their Accusers

by Nancy Spannaus

Representatives Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel have made it clear that they intend to fight and defeat the false, racist charges brought against them by Obama’s unconstitutional Ethics Committee.

Porter Goss’s Cover-Up: Waters Exposed Contra Drug Trafficking

by Michele Steinberg

Rangel Mounts Strong Defense in Congress

Maxine Waters: ‘No Benefit, No Case’

Norman Eisen: Obama’s ‘Ethics Czar’

by Michele Steinberg

The U.S. Army Still Can’t Figure Out Its Suicide Problem

An interview with Steve Robinson.


Romorantin: Leonardo da Vinci Imagines the First Modern City

by Karel Vereycken

In Autumn 1516, Leonardo accepted the proposal of King François I to travel to France, to design and build an entirely new city in Romorantin, to become the capital of the French kingdom.

The Leonardo-Machiavelli Plan To Divert the Arno

by Bonnie James


Steve Robinson

Steven Robinson retired from the Army in 2001, having served in Ranger and Special Operations units. He then went into veterans advocacy, and is now a sought-after expert on veterans’ physical and mental-health issues that arise from exposure to combat; he has testified before Congress, and advised the White House and the Defense Department.


Political Reality Is About To Strike