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Thiese remarks appear in the August 20, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Like Nero and Hitler:
Obama Is a Failed Personality

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Lyndon LaRouche made these remarks during his guest appearance on the LPAC-TV Weekly Report Aug. 11, in a discussion about why President Obama must leave office. The full discussion is at

When you have a disease, you don't fight the disease on the basis of its symptoms. You fight it on the basis of the disease. [Obama's] symptomatic behavior is not what we should focus on.

Look, in April of last year, on the 11th, I gave the world a precise and accurate diagnosis of the personality of President Obama. I said what he was, and what he was going to do. He has behaved exactly the way I said, on April 11, of last year, all the way through to the present time. The trajectory of his patterns of behavior, is exactly identical, from a clinical standpoint, identical to that of Nero and Adolf Hitler! Their personalities are identical! And the prognosis for the United States, which tolerates an Obama in the Presidency now, is the same as the Germany which tolerated Adolf Hitler!

Adolf Hitler was a tool! The others were tools, but they were tools of failed personalities who could not make it normally in society, because they were failed personalities. And they were inherently doomed, if they ever came into a position of power, or they had a free hand as a power. That was the case of Nero—and people should look at the case of Nero, the actual, known history of Nero. Look at the actual, known history of Adolf Hitler. Look at the actual, known history of Obama! They are identical personalities.

And we should not be concerned about what has happened, in the past. We have to be concerned, as I have been, about what is about to happen, if we do not act on this knowledge.

Now, the problem is, institutions in the United States government have recognized this sociological fact: What do you do, if the President is a "failed personality"? That is the specific study that was conducted. And the answer was, "Well, there is not much we can do about it."

That's where I come in: I understand this characteristic. I have been right. Those who opposed me were wrong. Everybody who has opposed me on this analysis, has been proven wrong! Now, they should step to one side, and let somebody who knew what the hell they were doing, straighten this mess out. This guy must leave now! Don't try to say, "These 'facts' mean that we have to get him out." We have to say, "This is his personality, and that's why we have to get him out!" And the problem with our politics on this matter, is people want to find the evidence to convict him. But you are not talking about evidence to convict him. You're talking about a guy who is a different species, psychologically. Who's a dangerous species!

The guy is a habitual cannibal! And you want to make him President? The guy is a failed personality; he should never have been in there in the first place. He should have been written off, because his psychological profile was known! And people should have said so. The guy is dangerous. He's a mere puppet of the British! The British recognized what he was, and used him; they used him, because they were afraid of Hillary Clinton. And they would do anything to get rid of Hillary Clinton. And they took this character, who was known for what he was, beforehand.

The man is intrinsically evil! Not because he has had something wrong in his ideas: His personality is a defective one. It's a form of insanity. You don't put a homicidal lunatic, in the Presidency! And this guy who had a personality which is identical, and maps exactly with that on record, as Nero and Hitler: You don't put that kind of creep in the Presidency.

We Have Reached the Breaking Point

Now, we have reached the breaking point: You get this guy out now, or kiss the nation good-bye, and kiss civilization good-bye, because of the chain-reaction effects. People have got to get serious, and grow up. And stop talking about gossip, gossip about this, gossip about that—who cares?! It's not the acts that are important. The acts don't make the man; the man makes the acts. And this man, in the Presidency, is a menace to the existence of the United States, as long as he remains President. If he were some slob on the street that everybody is laughing at, okay, he may kill somebody out of rage. But he's not a menace to our system of government, and to the system of civilization.

This man, as President, is a threat to civilization! Because you put a lunatic, equivalent to the Emperor Nero, and to Adolf Hitler, and you have put him in power. If you don't get Hitler out of power, something is going to happen. And it did! And, but for the United States, this thing could have taken over the world. But for Roosevelt. And that's the situation you have.

This thing is equivalent to Hitler, this object called Obama, is equivalent to Hitler. If you allow him to continue in power under these conditions, you are going to kiss the nation good-bye, and you're as good as being a traitor, just by tolerating him. You want to save this nation, and save civilization? Get him out!

And that is the decision that people duck by talking about the "facts." But the facts are not important: The facts are only important, because they reveal to you the kind of personality you are dealing with. And this personality, in this position of power, with this behavioral pattern, is a menace to the existence of civilization. Put him out of power! Make him harmless. You don't have to kill him—that is the worst thing to do. It creates an effect you don't want to get into. Put him into retirement. Put him under protection. Put him in a cage; let the children come and make faces at him. But, don't say, "The facts will demand that we take this action." The facts are only significant, in the fact that they point to a behavioral commitment, on the part of a person, on the part of an organization. That's the menace.

It's the disease that you're looking at, and you don't look at the disease as a series of symptoms. You look at the symptoms as a warning that there's a disease present, and you act on the basis of defining the disease, not discussing the symptoms.

And we are at that point of choice. We're at that point of decision: Either we recognize, that the continued existence of this man as President, not in retirement—we don't want him killed, in any way; we want him safely kept, if necessary in a zoo, but he's kept safe, but out of the Presidency. And remove this factor from the Presidency, and don't put some other failed personality in to replace him. And then we can make it.

The Congress Is Hypnotized

The problem is: You look at the Congress. The members of the U.S. Congress are hypnotized by this failed personality. In the same way—they have not got up with a Roman salute, and shouting "Heil Hitler!" in a meeting of the Senate or the House of Representatives—but they have done practically the same thing. They are hypnotized by this Hitler. This Hitler-like phenomenon. And you don't need to do anything, except consider, this is what this man's nature is.

They looked at the failed personality type. They did an analysis of the failed personality type, which is relevant. But then they came to the question of, "What do these clinical conclusions indicate, from a psychiatry standpoint?" "There's nothing we can do about it."

I say, they were wrong! You don't limit yourself to proof, that he committed this offense. You are trying to prevent, what he's about to do! You say, "We can't convict him, till he commits the crime," and this is a crime against all humanity. You mean, that we are impotent, to act morally, under law, under these conditions? That's what our folly is! This man should be eliminated from the Presidency! And he must be kept safe, and alive.

Eliminate him as a factor. You kill him? You let him be killed? And he becomes now—a new factor—he becomes a martyr. We must not have that. Keep him safe, keep him alive. That way he's not a martyr, and in somebody's way. But get him out, now! Get him out this month! It's your last chance. You want to save the nation? You want to solve a problem? Drop all other issues. This is the issue: The existence of the United States depends upon our acting upon this issue. All other issues are relatively irrelevant, until this one is settled.

That's why I complain about the gutlessness of our leaders. I see something clearly, that has to be done, I know how to do it. I know what has to be done. And people are reluctant to do it! And their cowardice, their failure to face these facts and the action demanded of them, is the greatest threat to civilization as a whole, now. The greatest threat to the human race, existing now, is people who condone this process, who say, "Well, there's nothing we can do about it." Like someone who retreats before a deadly disease that's about to wipe out humanity—"well, there's nothing we can do about it. It's a disease, diseases have their rights."

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