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With Obama Still in Power, It Can Happen Here
by the Editors

In 1935, as the Hitler-Mussolini terror rampaged across Europe, American author Sinclair Lewis looked around at his fellow citizens, and decided he had to act. The result was "It Can't Happen Here," an ironical novel about how Americans, in their determination to be ``realistic,'' let a dimwitted President preside over a fascist coup in the U.S. Today, we face an eerily similar, but much more serious threat.
Oct. 18—The 1932 election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President of the United States drove the leading factions of Wall Street and the City of London into a killer frenzy. The failure of JP Morgan banker and Democratic National Committee chairman Jacob Raskob to block FDR's nomination, and the failed assassination attempt against the President-elect during an appearance at a rally in Florida, just weeks after his landslide victory, set the United States on a collision course with Wall Street and London's chosen European fascist leaders, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.
London and Wall Street went on to sponsor a full-blown military coup d'état attempt against Roosevelt, an attempt that was exposed by the patriot, Gen. Smedley Butler, and subsequently crushed. The American Liberty League, a Morgan-DuPont financed cabal of pro-fascist bankers and industrialists, waged war against Roosevelt throughout the 1930s, right up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.
As Lyndon LaRouche recently observed, FDR took his oath of office in early March 1933—just weeks after the Reichstag fire had propelled Hitler onto the path to become dictator for life. Europe was on the path to war, and the gas ovens and death camps of the Third Reich were but months and years away. It was only the election of FDR that blocked London and Wall Street from imposing the same fascism, sweeping across the European continent, upon the United States....
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World News

  • Putin in Beijing:
    Russia and China Pursue Ties in Space, Nuclear, Transport

    The 16th Regular Russian-Chinese Prime-Ministerial Meeting between Premier Wen Jiabao and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Oct. 11-12, resulted in 17 bilateral cooperation documents, and an affirmation of 'strategic partnership' between the two great Eurasian powers.
  • Quality of Ideas To Shape Mass Strike
    The rallying of hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of an estimated 1,500 cities worldwide, demonstrates that the global mass-strike process is alive and well. And the demand for Glass-Steagall is emerging as the central focus of the demonstrations.
  • Obama's Permanent Warfare Policy Leaves U.S. with Permanent Casualties
    The 21st Century, so far, has known nothing but war, and the two U.S. Presidents in this period, Bush and Obama, have been willing participants in the perpetual war policy which has produced a large population of what might be called the mentally maimed, among combat veterans.



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