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Reflections on a Work by Nicholas of Cusa:
The Strategic Situation Now
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

November 29, 2011

Let this be said, with the same intention with which I had named that poem of mine from sixty years ago, ``My Lyre.'' It were as a universe which that poetic spirit within me had described as ``bending stars like reeds.'' Now, during the recent lapse of time since the Spring of this year 2011, I had devoted myself, largely, to working through successive stages of the continuing theme of this present year's series of pieces of mine, of which one major title (the present one) is still currently in progress at this moment. This series, when it will have been taken in its whole, has a single, commonly subsuming theme, with a virtually completed discovery as presented in this published version sent to print.

Yet, this has also been a fairly well-defined mission which had been in the process of continuous resolution into its early expression since the first steps during the post-war 1940s, under the ruinous practices of President Harry S Truman and putative economist Arthur Burns, throughout the 1945-1960 interval, and into the incarnation it has acquired during the recent weeks. During the greater part of the recent eight months, I had been in the process of defining what has now become a uniquely competent method for defining the means for securing general physical-economic growth. My intention during the longer period from 1956-57, and beyond, had been to establish my competence in what had already become the early rudiments of an inherently successful, new method for long-ranging economic forecasting and policy-design, a competence which has since developed into becoming the most effective economic policy-shaping doctrine known publicly today....

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  • Reflections on a Work by Nicholas of Cusa:
    The Strategic Situation Now
    By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'Your world, and mine,' LaRouche writes, 'has now entered a qualitatively new stage of history, which should be regarded as the end-stage of an entire period of history, an end-stage which is presently closing in upon us with a deadly grip; but, hopefully, it is also the forewarning of the opportunities for a new, better age very soon to begin. 'This is a time, not for reporting events, even merely important events; it is time to launch an entirely new quality in world history. . . . 'I confront you, with the challenge of your obligation to share my own, still ever-deepening insight into the subject-matter of the ontological implications of the physical notion of what is to be recognized presently, here. I present that as my notion of the principle of the universality of the truly physical principle of metaphor.'




  • $29 Trillion and Counting
    A recently released study by the Levy Institute places the total of the bailout of financial institutions by the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve at $29 trillion.
  • Economic and Political Crisis Imperils 1.2 Billion Indians
    As the country's industrial output plunged by more than 5%, and the rupee hit a new low, in the midst of out-of-control inflation, the monetarist policies of the Manmohan Singh government have taken India to the precipice.

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