Volume 38, Number 9, March 4, 2011


Forecasts: Statisticians Who Failed Today  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“There is, presently, in fact, an accelerating and spreading of waves of crises with the characteristic quality of a threatened, or even actually inprogress, breakdown-crisis of a nation,” Lyndon LaRouche writes, “a wave presently sweeping throughout the trans-Atlantic world, and, also, threatening to explode, or perhaps even in process of exploding among nations of the Asian regions.” We are virtually “inches away,” he cautions, from a detructive force which even the great nations of Asia could not withstand.

The Doom of Quadaffy-Duck  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Quaddafy Duck, is going down,” writes LaRouche, but, do not overlook the many other cases of those in U.S. Republican Party ranks, who, like Wisconsin’s Governor Walker, are now in the process of becoming about as unpopular with their states’ citizens, and are about as secure in their own futures, as was Louis XVI, after the storming of the Bastille.


There Is a Limit to a Tyrant’s Power!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Ordinary citizens, in nations throughout the world, share the knowledge that they have no future within the Ancien Régime, from North Africa to the U.S.A. Messages of solidarity are being sent from Wisconsin to Egypt and from Ireland to Tunisia. No one has expressed the prevailing spirit better than Germany’s great poet of freedom, Friedrich Schiller, whose famous Rütli Oath was itself inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

Schiller Institute Role: Majority of Danish Parliament Backs Angelides-Type Financial Crisis Probe  

by Michelle Rasmussen

There is now a majority in the Danish Parliament that supports the convening of an independent financial inquiry commission, modelled on the U.S. Angelides Commission.

Irish Elections: Traitors to the Nation Are Swept Out of Power  

by Nina Ogden and Dean Andromidas

LaRouche Basement Team’s Martinson Addresses Ukraine’s ‘Student Republic’  

by Peter Martinson


‘World Food Crisis’ a Direct Product of the British Empire  

by Mercia Merry Baker

Combined with hyper-speculation in food and related commodities, there is a related feature of the food crisis to be eliminated: the now-extreme globalization of the food chain. This has come about under the control of a few commodities cartels, operating above and against national governments, and the interests of their populations.

The Specter of Egypt Haunts Mexico Food Crisis  

by Dennis Small

Over the last 30 years, ever since José López Portillo left the Presidency of Mexico in 1982, all protection of the country’s food production capabilities has been systematically dismantled.

Food Price Hikes: Huge Protests Flood Many Indian Cities  

by Ramtanu Maitra

The demonstrations and protests were organized to send a message to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, that if the common man’s interests are not protected, the trade unions will join the vast majority of India’s poor, to bring the government to its knees.

IMF, Brits Conspire To Starve Indonesia  

by Michael Billington


Will Americans Heed LaRouche To Win This Mass Strike?  

by Nancy Spannaus

The slate of six LaRouche Democrats running for Congress has put out a clarion call around the theme, “The Global Mass Strike Demands Glass-Steagall.” Yet, as long as Obama remains in the White House, even as a figurehead, he has the capability of blocking the implementation of Glass-Steagall.

The Nazi Precedent: The Attack on Collective Bargaining  

by Harley Schlanger

Picket signs are popping up in Madison, Wisc., and elsewhere, in demonstrations supporting the fight against Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to eliminate collective bargaining, attacking it as a replay of Hitler’s destruction of the German union movement in 1933.

Who Is Pulling Walker’s Strings?  

by Edward Spannaus


Dialogue with LaRouche: The Science Behind Glass-Steagall  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On Feb. 10, as extraordinary events were unfolding in Egypt, Lyndon LaRouche addressed a private gathering of approximately 75 individuals, gathered in New York City. The gathering included international representatives from Russia, China, India, Egypt, and Ireland. They were joined by a large group of leading American economists from California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, most of whom comprise what has been referred to as the greater Stanford Group.

LaRouche was joined by Sky Shields, leader of the “Basement Team” of scientific researchers.


‘A Republic, if You Can Keep It’