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This article appears in the March 4, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Doom of Quadaffy-Duck

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 27, 2011

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Today, we should review the situation confronting the forecaster, by beginning with some useful insights prompted by considering what the case of Muammar al-Gaddafi typifies.

Daffy Duck, by which I mean, on this occasion, Quaddafy Duck, is going down; but, we must not overlook the many other, closely related current situations, cases of many of those in U.S. Republican Party ranks, who, like Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker, might imagine that they are getting a head, but, are now in the process of beginning to become about as unpopular with the state's citizens, who are about as secure a source of wisdom concerning their own future as King Louis XVI after the storming of the Bastille. The foolishness of Louis XVI from about 1782 on, marks a pathway to doom which should be considered as a case-study to apply to the cases of many foolish leading strata inside the U.S.A. today, cases of supposedly influential people who are scheming cleverly in ways, similar to the follies of Louis XVI, which tend to guide them, full of themselves, on the pathway to complicity with their own pending doom.

Louis XVI Wrote His Own Doom

The truth about the backing for the cause of U.S. independence by sundry governments of continental Europe, was their bitter memory of the way in which the Anglo-Dutch adherents of Paolo Sarpi's New Venetian Party had reacted to their recognition that the nominally British Sarpi party had played the rest of the nations of Europe for fools in the so-called "Seven Years War" of 1756-1763. In the aftermath of the 1781 victory of our United States and its allies over the British at Yorktown, many in the U.S.A., as many former allies in Europe, virtually went to sleep, while the British Empire, then under the 1782 leadership of Lord Shelburne and his lackey Jeremy Bentham, launched and directed the creation of the new-born British Foreign Office. This featured what were to become the most notorious of the leading intelligence officers of the British Foreign Office, Bentham himself, first, and, his protégé and anointed successor, Lord Palmerston. Shelburne's orchestration of the separate peace treaties of Britain with the United States, France, and Spain, set the stage for the special role of Bentham in orchestrating what was to become known as "The French Revolution."

In brief, those European states which had been suckered by the British orchestration of the Seven Years War, played the part of a sucker of the same folly of 1756-1763, which had brought Lord Shelburne to power, in the British Foreign Office's orchestration of the run-up to the French Revolution, including "the Queen's Necklace Affair," which would be, in highly relevant, essential respects, the subject of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's original script used for Don Giovanni. The ruin of the French economy under the poisonous influence of the Physiocrats, and a direct British Foreign Office control over the French agents of British influence behind the affair of the Bastille and the subsequent Reign of Terror, weakened the United States greatly in sundry ways, a result in which British-orchestrated influences used the Napoleon married to a Habsburg princess as a puppet for the destruction of the nations of continental Europe along the same lines expressed by the precedent of the Seven Years War.

In general, the essential corruption inside the United States, from the break between the pro-American patriots and such tools of the British East India Company as Judge Lowell, has been the effort by the British empire either to simply crush the United States, or to corrupt it into self-destruction through the role of the Wall Street-centered swindlers who have been the indispensable elements of every principal evil done to our republic, both from within, and from without. Even a number of U.S. Presidents have been actual, or virtual traitors in and out of office. As a matter of strict fact, for those who actually know the facts, there has been no significant exception to that rule, up to the present day, under British puppet Barack Obama.

There is no significant general problem of the United States within the past hundred years and more, which was not a product in which the British empire has played a leading part, including the British international monopoly, since the 1790s, in the international drug trafficking.

The failure of many influential U.S. citizens, to recognize that fact, is the second most significant factor in all of the worst mistakes made by not only the U.S. Government, but the mistaken opinions of most of our citizens, most of the time. The worst, is the belief in the doctrine of British Liberalism of Adam Smith: Smith's Sarpian dictum that there is no truth but that of pleasure and pain.

The principal source of the crises of our United States is those two effects of virtual "brainwashing" of our citizenry in ways which they have lost the power to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Thus, competence in the practice of intelligence functions on behalf of the U.S.A., whether as officials of those services, or professionally qualified grades of volunteers, depends upon this understanding of that British problem, a problem centered in Paolo Sarpi's substitution of pleasure-pain for reason, which is the principal factor in both our internal and foreign affairs since the beginning to the present day.

There Is a Remedy

For most of the governments and leading press throughout the continents and nations among the trans-Atlantic world, a phenomenon like the present, imminently global richocheting crisis of collapse among a growing roster of this sector, is beyond their comprehension, just as Percy Bysshe Shelley described the occurrence of such mass phenomena in the concluding paragraph of his A Defence of Poetry.

For that just-stated reason, the case of Obama no longer has special interest for what had been usually considered, otherwise, as competent forecasters; a higher order of lawful processes than they are able to comprehend has seized the command over current world history.

Just so, contrary to the world's customary lying, or simply foolish leading press, and the like, the wave of crises reaching from such places as Bahrain to Wisconsin and beyond, is not a coincidental collection of local crises, but, rather, in the likeness of a trail of droppings of feces left by a strange, large creature marching, with rapid and giant steps, across a broad terrain of the nations in the creature's pathway, as from Bahrain to Wisconsin, and where former Governor Schwarzenegger had now departed. Only a wishful fool could imagine that the individual turds are independent phenomena. The crisis appears to be trans-Atlantic; it is actually an all-encompassing, global crisis. The entire notion of an accepted set of rules of political-economy is now doomed to general extinction, until the time that either that set of monetarist rules is discarded, or the world system collapses into a new dark age, planet-wide.

For example, it were now almost certain, that the recently notable mucky-muck of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi, for example, will soon lie like a defeated creature rotting on the desert sands, while what were formerly his bankers in Switzerland, London, and like places, are preparing to swoop down to pick whatever passes for the image of his very bones. From the point of currently unfolding history, he is no longer of any particular importance on the desert sands, or elsewhere. In the sands of modern history, it becomes clear now, that he really never was: a clown, merely put on stage, to posture up and down before his audience, until the final curtain on that performance rings down. An entire legion of assorted specimens with similar ultimate destinies has been dropping, like rotting fruit, from the trees.

Consider the ultimately similar case of the present Republican Governor of Wisconsin; and, there is an abundance of others similarly intended to lie in the shallow, wind-blown sands of discarded fame. Dread fate swoops down in many places, like hordes of the feared Erinyes, sweeping away the souls which had once inhabited the seemingly great power owned by those tyrants and fools who worshipped the god of both their now worthless money and their now increasingly worthless reputations. What a pitiable wretch each former tyrant is to behold, when the piteous creatures who once seemed, for a time, to rule the world, shall vanish from memory. Empty graves attract few mourners.

The planet, especially the trans-Atlantic regions for the moment, has now already entered into a terminal phase of the worst general financial-economic breakdown-crisis in known modern history. That is not something which could happen, or might happen; it has already happened, falling like an already dead body, still falling, soon to hit the ground. For the survivors, it will soon be as if an old world had died, in order than a new might be born—only "might be" born.

Thus, the danger to the people of every nation, tends to lie, in a similar way, within themselves. It is the misdirection built into the way most among us customarily think, which leaves us open to those self-deceptions by means of which our witting adversaries are best readied to cause us to bring about our own destruction, as the cases of the succession of Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama cause our own citizens to make fools of themselves and our republic, again, and again, and again, up to the present day.

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