Volume 38, Number 17, April 29, 2011


Our Creative Universe  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche, in his April 19 webcast address, identified “two crucial problems before the human race as a whole”: One is the breakdown of the trans-Atlantic economic/ political system, both in Europe, where a chain-reaction collapse is sweeping the continent; and in the United States, where, unless Obama is removed quickly, and Glass-Steagall becomes the law of the land, the U.S. will die.

The second issue LaRouche identified, is the potential grave danger posed by the activity of our Sun, and beyond, of the galaxy itself, to the condition of the human race, even its continued existence. This means, again, that if we are to face this danger head-on, Obama will have to go, under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Once that is accomplished, we can push back the frontiers of our knowledge of the universe.

The transcript of LaRouche’s keynote address, followed by three hours of intense discussion, are included in this report.


Levin Report for Bank Prosecutions: Senate Probe Proves Need for Glass-Steagall, Obama Exit  

by Paul Gallagher

Titled “Wall Street and the Financial Crisis,” the report issued after a two-year inquiry by the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations, headed by Carl Levin and Tom Coburn, concluded that the Wall Street banksters, notably Goldman Sachs, should be criminally prosecuted for blowing up the U.S. financial system and economy in 2007.

Movie Review: ‘Inside Job’: Missed Opportunity? Or a Deliberate Coverup?

by Harley Schlanger and John Hoefle

Two glaring omissions in this highly touted documentary, lead the viewer to a false set of conclusions as to who and what really caused the 2007 meltdown of the financial system and the subsequent bailout. This raises the question of whether it is we, who, once again, have been had.


Doppio Croce: Il Giornale  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An attack by the Italian daily Il Giornale on Economics Minister Giulio Tremonti, accuses him of following the advice of a “Pantheon” of four economists, among whom is Lyndon LaRouche.

Washington and Riyadh Square Off

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Saudi Arabia has all but declared war on U.S. policy throughout the Sunni Islamic world, from the Maghreb region of North Africa, to Afghanistan and Pakistan. And London is backing Riyadh every step along the way.


Tiergarten 4 Remains Obama’s Fiscal Priority  

Despite substantial opposition on both sides of the aisle, the Obama Administration rammed through a provision in the health-care law which establishes an “expert” panel, IPAB, which will rule on which treatments will be paid for, and which not. Now, to accelerate his “anti-deficit” program, Obama proposes to use IPAB to cut health care even more—just like Hitler’s Tiergarten 4.

Obama Proposes To Kill Science, Space Exploration, and Your Future

by Marsha Freeman

The Obama White House is waging war against the nation’s space program, with all aspects of NASA research slated for destruction. If the President is not removed from office, the nation’s scientific capabilities, essential for our future, will be lost


How Many Deaths Has Geller’s Hitlerian ‘Big Lie’ Caused?

by Tony Papert

Robert Geller, an American professor at the University of Tokyo, and the leading denier of the forecastability of earthquakes, is running an inquisition against scientists studying earthquakes precursors.

Studying Earthquake Precursors on the ‘Operation Kepler’ Model

by Susan Welsh


Defeat the Green Pandemic