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This article appears in the April 29, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Doppio Croce: Il Giornale

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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April 23—It is not really funny, but only ridiculous. The weird attacks on Italy's embattled Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi have spilled over into an even weirder personal attack on me via Berlusconi's newspaper Il Giornale, earlier this week. The Berlusconi press's personal attack on Italian Minister Giulio Tremonti, was crafted under the by-line of the newspaper's Giancarlo Galan; this featured a block of four, equal-sized photographs of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Alexander Hamilton, John Maynard Keynes, and me as being Minister Tremonti's mentors; obviously, I am the only living member of that foursome available for contemporary political attacks.

These facts about such a recent turn in Italian politics, are not of any significant degree of present historical significance in and of themselves. However, the scandalous behavior of Il Giornale in that matter is important in the respect that it points to the threat of a British-orchestrated, imminent, chain-reaction collapse of the "Euro" system and relevant other national economies outside the United Kingdom itself. The special attention which Il Giornale gave to me during this past week tells us more more about the state of the mind in London, than anything in nations of continental Europe itself.

As for the case of Minister Giulio Tremonti, he is, for me, an acquaintance with what are for me some significant intellectual interests we happen to share in common, as in his tested role as a leading intellectual figure of rare and considerable competence amid the nearly terminal state of panic among the European continental nations at this time. I can not regard the pathetic efforts of Giancarlo Galan et al., in this attack on me, as anything really a matter of Italian affairs proper, but as a reflection of the British monarchy's desperate efforts to defend their rapidly fading American puppet, President Barack Obama, against me.

As for Prime Minister Berlusconi, I presume that what keeps him in office, despite the wild rumors of scandal today, is the significantly widespread fear that dumping Berlusconi now would bring on something suspected to be far, far worse than the actual or alleged follies of the present Berlusconi administration. It might be something worse, which might be, as the case of Giancarlo Galan suggests to an old and experienced man like me, something from out of the past of that Benedetto Croce, who was well known to the OSS officials operating in Italy during the approach of the doom of Winston Churchill's one-time "bosom buddy," Benito Mussolini.

One among the great follies of contemporary political and related opinion, is the fatal error of presumption, that the significance of a man's life begins and ends with his birth and death, especially his death. That sadly mistaken opinion is rooted in an habituated error of presumption, that the role of the mortal human individual must necessarily end with that person's death. The entirety of the known history of mankind, especially, for us in the trans-Atlantic region, the long centuries of our knowledge of European civilization, shows that, as in the great achievements of discovery of universal physical principle, or the great masterworks of art on which a viable scientific spirit depends for its inspiration, the consequences of the individual life, either for the very worst, or the very best, long precede, and, also, long outlive the mortal incarnation.

Similarly, the work of my associates in relevant matters of science, has shown, that we can trace the existence of life on Earth to a half-billions years earlier, and human life only several millions. Yet, this evidence also shows that the life on Earth, and human life on Earth in particular, has paved a way of what has been thus far, a pathway to higher forms of life, and to creative power inherent in mankind which defies the ugly lie which is the so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics."

That much said on those matters of current historical background, the function of mankind is to defy the evil which is the so-called "oligarchical principle" embodied in ancient empires, including the four stages of the Roman empire, through Byzantium, the Venetian-controlled system of medieval usury and chivalry, and the present British empire of the successors of the evil bearer of the flag of the New Venetian Party, William of Orange, and his notable successor, Lord Shelburne, up to the British monarchy of the present day.

For the oligarchical party which that Roman imperial succession of Octavian and the priests of the cult of Mithra on the island of Capri, illustrates that tradition so prominently still today, the hatred of the mythical Prometheus' love of mankind, against the oligarchical tyranny, is in accord with the evidence of science respecting the known history of our Solar System within its galaxy, of the progress of development of living species on Earth, and the intellectual-creative powers of mankind, those powers whose expression is the truth presented to us, thus, by the hand of the Creator, as Philo of Alexandria defended God against the reductionist ideologues such as Friedrich Nietzsche and such beastly followers of Nietzsche's legacy as the Hitler period's Werner Sombart, and the followers of Nietzsche and Sombart in this matter, such as Joseph Schumpeter, and his follower, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

The honorable outcome of mankind, is creative progress, in a universe of progress of those who choose to admire, and promote the work of the Creator, rather than that of the Roman empire and of such sequels of that evil as the doctrine of "zero growth," and that oligarchical principle of the Olympian Zeus, which is worshipped in practice by the British empire. Or, should we not say, "brutish empire," of the World Wildlife Fund and its complement, the Bertrand Russell-created offshoot of Cambridge Systems Analysis, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) today?

Decades past, a dedicated President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, defied the British empire's attempts to destroy the United States through such means as the drawing of the U.S.A. into its own self-inflicted ruin by the launching of a needless, wickedly motivated luring of the United States into a decade of worthless butchery called a war in Indo-China. When President Kennedy resisted that, he was assassinated, and the British scheme to ruin the United States through a long, worthless war in Indo-China, succeeded. When that President's brother, Robert Kennedy, had nearly won the Democratic Party's nomination for President, he, too, was "mysteriously" assassinated. Thereafter, the United States has gone virtually through its role as the intellectual prey of predator London.

The passage of the re-enacted U.S. Glass-Steagall now will end all that. The British would be bankrupted; but, so what; their system is already worthless. They will soon become content to enjoy the security afforded by their reduced circumstances, with a fair chance to do better in the future, if they behave better than they have done recently, as since the accession of William of Orange, and, come to think of it, Henry VIII.

That is what the uproar in Italy is really all about.

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