Volume 38, Number 33, August 26, 2011



LPAC-TV Interview: The LaRouche Candidates; An Instantaneous Shift to a Science-Driven Development Policy  

Four of the six LaRouche Democratic Congressional candidates—Dave Christie (Washington State); Diane Sare (New Jersey); Bill Roberts (Michigan); and Summer Shields (California), interviewed on LPAC-TV, by Sky Shields of the LaRouche Basement Project, discuss the enormous potential that exists to rebuild the world with NAWAPA and other great projects—once we are rid of Obama.

The EIR Record: NAWAPA and the World Land-Bridge


The Really Fearful Crisis: Labor To Rebuild the World Is Thrown on Global Scrapheap  

by Paul Gallagher

Driving this worst of all crises, is the shutdown for a generation—across the trans- Atlantic world—of investment in new infrastructure platforms envisaged since the 1960s, e.g., transcontinental rail corridor projects; land-bridge crossings; nuclear and other power projects; the grand terraforming projects like NAWAPA; and the exploration and colonization of space. An estimated 60 million of the most skilled and productive jobs have disappeared worldwide; the most skilled and productive workforces are being decimated.

On Oligarchical Food Cartels, and the Threat of Famine

by Marcia Merry Baker

Along with the current decline in worldwide food output, wild speculation, and food price hyperinflation, there is a rampage underway of buyouts and consolidation of control of the world food chain by a select few commodities cartels— Cargill, ADM, Bunge, Dreyfus, et al.—from farm inputs, to storage, processing, transport, distribution, and even land and water.

Deregulation Ruined European Agriculture

by Erwin Schöpges

Erwin Schöpges, a Belgian dairy farmer and farm leader, addressed the Schiller Institute’s conference in Rüsselsheim, Germany, on July 2.


Paris Summit Failure—We’ve Reached the Point of Decision  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche was interviewed on LPAC-TV, following the failed Aug. 16 “summit” on the European financial-economic crisis in Paris, between German Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkozy, which was supposed to calm the markets. Of course, it did no such thing. Only by reawakening the Classical tradition in Germany, and the Revolutionary principles of America, will humanity solve the crisis.


Who Will Join Clark and LaRouche To Oust Obama?  

While the public disgust with British puppet President Barack Obama has become more and more visible over recent weeks, few political leaders have had the guts to go public, and join LaRouche in demanding the ouster of the President. A notable exception is Kentucky State Senator Perry Clark.

Perry Clark: Obama Crossed the Line


From Closed to Open World: The Extraterrestrial Imperative  

by Krafft A. Ehricke and Elizabeth A. Miller

The late Krafft Ehricke (1917-84), the German-American visionary and rocket scientist, developed the concept of the “Extraterrestrial Imperative,” which today has become a focus of LaRouche PAC scientific research and organizing.

Ehricke’s ‘Three Laws’

Krafft Ehricke, Space Pioneer  

by Marsha Freeman


Big Move from Germany