Volume 38, Number 42, October 28, 2011


NerObama Threatens You: Stop Obama’s Killing Spree  

President Obama has claimed the right to kill at will—anyone, and anywhere—even American citizens. “It’s as if Obama is running his won worldwide ‘Murder, Inc.’ “ said LaRouche. But the actions of the neo-Nero, operating on behalf of the British Empire, have provoked condemnation and calls for investigation, from such disparate sources as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Andrew Napolitano, the conservative host of Fox TV’s “Freedom Watch,” to name but a few. The extrajudicial killings of American citizens, under orders from the President of the United States, go beyond even the criminal behavior of the Cheney-Bush regime, and put the necessity of Obama’s ouster front and center.


A Foreign Agent within Our Midst: LaRouche Explains: Why We Don’t Need Wall Street  

by Robert Ingraham

The Wall Street predators have put out the lie that enacting Glass-Steagall will shut down every bank in the U.S. Balderdash! “This is a damned lie,” charged LaRouche, “and only damned fools believe it.” Robert Ingraham, writing in September 2010, presents the true history of the slave-trading, dope-running origins of today’s Wall Street megabanks, which have brought the world economy to its knees.

Support Grows for Glass-Steagall, at Home and Abroad

by Nancy Spannaus

The clamor for the reintroduction of FDR’s Glass-Steagall law, in the form of H.R. 1489, has grown exponentially since the eruption of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement in mid-September, fueled by the three-year-long intensive campaign by Lyndon LaRouche and his political action committee.

World News

Eurozone on the Brink: Governments Avoid Solution, Lash Out Against Each Other

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

All efforts to keep the imploding trans-Atlantic financial system alive somehow, by a combination of printing money, fascist austerity measures, colonization of the states in deficit, and flagrant violation of the law, are doomed to failure, writes Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

The Case of Bank of America: Defeat the Cannibals, Before They Eat Us

by John Hoefle

Bank of America, among the largest in the U.S., has just received a green light from the Fed to offload $22 trillion in derivatives—i.e., gambling bets—onto its commercial banking operations.

LaRouche’s Recovery Plan: Step Seven—A Global Fixed-Exchange Rate and Great Development Projects

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The final installment in our series on LaRouche’s Seven Necessary Steps for Economic Recovery.

French Presidential Campaign: Cheminade Calls for Program of ‘Combat and Reconstruction’

Cheminade launched his campaign at a conference of his Solidarity & Progress party Oct. 15-16, calling for “a world without the City of London or Wall Street.”


What Is Creativity, Actually?: The Real Human Mind  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The relevant evidence respecting life on Earth within our galaxy, over about the last 500 million years, writes Lyndon LaRouche, reveals an ordering of living processes during a lapsed time in which the progress of development from relatively inferior to superior forms of life, is characteristic of life itself, in opposition to the fraudulent “Second Law of Thermodynamics.


100th Anniversary of the Chinese Republic: Sun Yat-sen’s Legacy and the American Revolution  

by Robert Wesser and Mark Calney

On the centennial of Sun Yat-sen’s republican revolution in China, Oct. 24, 1911, we celebrate Dr. Sun’s passionate commitment to the ideals of the American Revolution with this history by Robert Wesser and Mark Calney.


Republic versus Empire