Volume 38, Number 49, December 16, 2011


Remove Obama Now! We need a New Presidency, a New Concept of Politics  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On the brink of the greatest crisis faced by this nation since the Great Depression and World War II, Lyndon LaRouche addressed a town meeting in New Jersey, hosted by LaRouche Democratic Candidate for Congress Diane Sare. In his opening remarks, he stated bluntly: “In its present form, there will never be, in our lifetimes and beyond, there will never be a recovery, unless we bring it into effect now. And my estimate is, that we shall never escape from this, unless we very soon expel the current President of the United States from his office.”

Dialogue with LaRouche

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Was It Hillary’s Error?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Given my personal role in the relevant international matters,” Lyndon LaRouche writes, “an unfortunate remark concerning Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin which has been attributed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been exploited to the effect of putting the possibility of avoiding a thermonuclear war into jeopardy.”

Putin Defends Russian Election, Sovereignty

The Russian Prime Minister’s discussion with activists of the National People’s Front.

London’s Gorbachov Is the Key Figure in the Destabilization of Russia

by Rachel Douglas

A report drawing on EIR’s 30-year dossier on Mikhail Gorbachov.


Military Sources: We Are on the Edge of Nuclear War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Qualified U.S. military and intelligence sources have provided a series of devastating updates on the looming danger of a larger war in the Middle East, triggered by an Israeli strike against Iran.

Pakistan-Afghanistan Incidents Pose Threat of All-Out War

by Ramtanu Maitra

Two major incidents in Pakistan and Afghanistan during the last two weeks have withered all hopes that the growing instability in Pakistan and Afghanistan can be contained, and raised the specter of a full-fledged and bloody civil war in Afghanistan.

Interview with Abolhassan Bani Sadr: Former Iranian President Says ‘No’ to a War Against Iran


Forget the Euro: Germany Needs a Two- Tier Bank System and New D-Mark  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The bankrupt financial system will not be saved by the recent EU decisions. The prescribed medicine.


LaRouche National Slate: Candidates Launch Campaign Against ‘Sectionalism’

by Nancy Spannaus

On Dec. 8, the six LaRouche Democratic candidates kicked off a unified campaign against “the disease of sectionalism,” in a 50-minute online discussion, in the first shot in what will be a sustained campaign to restore the Constitutional principles of the United States.

An LPAC-TV Interview: LaRouche’s Historic Role in Catalyzing Global Resistance to World War III

by Jeffrey Steinberg

EIR Counterintelligence Editor Jeffrey Steinberg is interviewed by LPAC’s Matthew Ogden.

Analysts Blast Obama’s Drive for Armageddon


A Never-Before-told Story: NAWAPA 1964—The Fight for The Great Water Project

“NAWAPA 1964,” an LPAC-TV presentation, is the true, but heretofore suppressed, story of the fight for the North American Water and Power Alliance, told primarily through the words of Utah Sen. Frank Moss, who led the fight in Congress for the legislation.


Abolhassan Bani Sadr

Bani Sadr was the first President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. An opponent of the regime, he was exiled in 1981, and lives in France. He was interviewed in Paris by Nouvelle Solidarité.


Peace on Earth?