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When Democracy Becomes Tyranny:
A Warning to Patriots
by Nancy Spannaus

Aug. 31—Will the United States survive the Presidency of that ``democrat'' Barack Obama? For that matter, will the world survive? Not if current trends, particularly those in the thinking of the currently leading political circles of the United States, continue to reign.
Only look at those travesties called the national political party conventions, to see the horrifying degeneration of a culture in which would-be political leaders pander to an increasingly ignorant, cowardly population which is ready to accept dictatorship. We have to admit that the current trends run very deep. Ever since the days of Andrew Jackson, who is still much viewed as the virtual ``patron saint'' of the Democratic Party and, in fact, of American populists on the right and the left, the dominant political philosophy has been to pledge allegiance to the creed of democracy, and set this nation on a pathway to destruction. For ``democracy'' is the very antithesis of the concept of the republic upon which this nation was based. The rule of democracies leads directly to the triumph of tyranny.
The American Founding Fathers knew that; Plato knew it; and. it is about time that the the leaders of today's United States learned it—before we go into a disaster that could lead to the disintegration of our nation, and thus our planet.

The irony is this:
Obama, even more flagrantly than his predecessor, and Cheney's toy, George W. Bush, is in fact moving the nation inexorably toward a dictatorship,...
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  • Joint Chiefs, LPAC Take Lead In Drive To Stop World War
    As foolish Democrats were herded into the Convention to renominate Obama, LPAC released a videodocumentary titled 'Unsurvivable,' which presents a frightening but true picture of the threat of thermonuclear war and its consequences, as the centerpiece of a mobilization to defeat those plans. LaRouchePAC's campaign dovetails with the war-avoidance efforts of top military figures in the U.S. as well as Russia and China.




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