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LaRouche Webcast
A Pathway Out of Our Greatest Crisis

Lyndon LaRouche gave this address (http://larouchepac.com/webcasts/
on Oct. 5, 2012, as the first in a series of Friday evening webcasts leading up to the Nov. 6 elections, to be aired at larouchepac.com. Matthew Odgen of LPAC-TV moderated; a dialogue with viewers follows LaRouche's opening remarks.

Thank you. We shall get at the business.... We need a new national policy, a new national policy perspective. We're in the process of a general breakdown crisis of the trans-Atlantic economy in particular, with emphasis on the United States, which is in a financial breakdown crisis at present. Western and Central Europe are entrapped in an increasingly hyperinflationary breakdown crisis. And if Europe continues to function in that way, with this hyperinflationary program, which has been recently installed on top of a previous hyperinflationary program, you're not going to see much of Europe. We have to change that. Now, the only solution for the problems of the United States, in terms of economic and related problems—when I say related problems: economics, physical economics in particular, is central to the economy of the nation and its people as a whole. So, the first thing we have to do—and there is no alternative, and the same thing is true for Europe—there is no possibility of the survival of the United States and/or of Europe, without a Glass-Steagall law. They have in Europe a ring-fencing version as a so-called substitute for Glass-Steagall. It doesn't work. It's just suicide on a slower basis. ...
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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    A Pathway Out of Our Greatest Crisis

    Lyndon LaRouche's Oct. 5 webcast address is the first in a series, to be presented every Friday evening at 8 p.m., on larouchepac.com, between now and the Nov. 6 elections. In this first installment, LaRouche calls for a new national policy perspective, adequate to remedy the grave crises that face our plantary civilization, both economic and strategic: a hyperinflationary blowout, and the danger of thermonuclear war. He outlines a three-phase solution: Glass-Steagall; a national credit policy; and NAWAPA, all of which only become possible if Obama is removed from the Presidency in time.


  • Food Crisis Is Here; Obama Orders the World:
    Accept It

    Marcia Merry Baker continues her coverage of the deepening U.S. and worldwide food crisis, whose ultimate cause is the commitment on the part of the British oligarchy to reduce the world's population through starvation and war.



  • Benghazi-Gate:
    Probe of Obama's Negligence Must Expose '9/11-Two'

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee convened hearings on Oct. 10 to hear testimony on the Obama Administration's criminal negligence in the assassinations of Ambassador Stevens and three associates in Benghazi, Libya. But even beyond that atrocity, the issue is the entire strategic alignment around what Lyndon LaRouche has called a 9/11-Two.
  • Obama's Drone Killing Spree Exposed
    Two new studies by top U.S. law schools report on President Obama's mass-killings by drones strikes. The authors debunk the notion of 'surgical precision' which the Administration claims, and demonstrate Obama's violations of international and humanitarian law.
  • Univision Breaks the Story:
    Gunwalking Was Obama Administration Policy

    The largest U.S. Spanishlanguage television network, has broadcast new details on Operation Fast and Furious, which strongly suggest that the policy was run top-down by the Obama Administration.

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