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Stop the Empire's War
by Nancy Spannaus, Editor

Nov. 7—On the eve of the U.S. Presidential elections, Lyndon LaRouche took the podium at the National Press Club in the nation's capital, to define the actual issues at stake from his own unique standpoint—the standpoint of the future. For that reason, the contents of LaRouche's address, along with that of EIR's Jeffrey Steinberg, represent the crucial orientation for the political battles that must be fought and won after election day. Upon LaRouche's instruction, we have shaped this entire issue of EIR with that in mind, selecting only a very few additional elements of the strategic picture which directly expand upon LaRouche's major message: The United States must free itself from control by the British Empire, which, with its Saudi accomplices, is leading us, and the world, into extinction by nuclear war, or other means. With Barack Obama's declared victory in the elections, the contents of LaRouche's address become even more urgent.
First, the United States remains in the power of a known British puppet who is carrying out a policy of provocation, along with the Saudi monarchy, that is leading directly to a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China. If that confrontation is not stopped, there is little doubt that it will lead to the virtual obliteration of civilization on this planet.
Second, the proven complicity of Barack Obama in the British-Saudi operation which carried out the 9/11 attacks of 2001 and 2012, provides the basis for his immediate impeachment, and removal from office, as the most reliable pathway to avoiding the horror of general war....
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  • Stop the Empire's War
    Editor Nancy Spannaus introduces the press conference held Nov. 2 at the National Press Club by Lyndon LaRouche and Jeffrey Steinberg. Now that 'the electoral games are over—it's time for the real fight.'
    • LaRouche at National Press Club:
      Benghazi 9/11: Obama's Impeachable Crimes

      At a Washington, D.C., press conference, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a powerful repudiation of both of the Presidential candidates, and warned that the world is facing the gravest crisis in modern times, centered on the immediate danger of thermonuclear war and a trans-Atlantic hyperinflationary breakdown. Jeffrey Steinberg followed up with a blow-by-blow briefing on what we know— exclusively from official documents—about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which led to the murder of Amb. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.




  • Will the Empire's Genocide Policy Now Be Overthrown?
    Obama and Romney agree on a murderous health-care policy that puts money ahead of human life. In Britain, where the Liverpool Care Pathway has pursued this approach since 1999, it is finally provoking outrage, and has been aptly dubbed the 'Liverpool Killing Pathway.'
  • Human Rights Council To Investigate Obama's Killer-Drone Program
    The growing demand around the world for accountability for the Obama Administration's targeted killing campaign was noted by Ben Emmerson, the UN Human Rights Council's Special Rapporteur for CounterTerrorism and Human Rights.

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