Volume 39, Number 1, January 6, 2012


Economics for the Future of Mankind: Self-Developing Systems and Arctic Development  

by Michelle Fuchs and Sky Shields

Michelle Fuchs and Sky Shields of the LaRouche Basement scientific researcher team highlight two strategic-economic proposals recently offered by Russia: the Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE), and “an enthusiastic approach toward Arctic development.” These concepts “provide us with a platform for this discussion, and an opportunity to apply several crucial concepts of physical economy which Lyndon LaRouche has developed in a recent series of studies.”

First English Translation: On the Exploration of the Arctic Ocean

by Dmitri I. Mendeleyev

Best known for his discovery of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, this polymath was an outspoken opponent of British free trade, and an advocate of American System economics. He was also an avid explorer, as shown by the memorandum we publish here: a letter to Finance Minister Count Sergei Witte, first published in The Soviet Arctic, 1937.

Sweden and Finland Test the Waters; May Join Efforts of Norway, Russia

by Ulf Sandmark


LaRouche Emergency Broadcast: Dump Obama; Bring On the World Economic Recovery!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s Dec. 23 message on the eve of the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season was a sobering one: “We are now on the verge of what must be called World War III,” thermonuclear war, driven by the bankruptcy of the trans- Atlantic region, and its imperial center in the City of London. Only the removal of British puppet Obama can prevent the near-term outbreak of war.


Until Obama Is Removed, We Are on the Edge of War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The source of the current war danger is not to be found in Iran, Syria, or Israel. It is the British oligarchy’s insane commitment to preventing the Eurasian region, led by China and Russia, from emerging as the new center of gravity of world political and economic power.

War Plan Against Syria: ‘Made in London’

A British-based network of Syrian opposition operatives is behind an effort to replace war-avoidance efforts, led especially by Russia, with a Libya-style war.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: We Need an ‘Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry’ To Avoid Imperial Wars

A New Year’s Message: A Framework for Peace for the 21st Century

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued this urgent New Year’s greeting to the citizens of Germany, and the world, on Dec. 31.

A Tale of Terror, Then and Now: A Trial in Germany Sheds Light on LaRouche’s Role vs. London’s Terror

by Roger Moore


On Its Tenth Anniversary: An Obituary for the Euro  

by Nancy Spannaus

Unlike 2002, when the euro currency was ushered in amidst fireworks and celebratory speeches, its 10th anniversary festivities were quietly cancelled, signaling the end of the euro experiment.

South Sudan Must Become a Net Food Exporter

by Lawrence K. Freeman

The Republic of South Sudan must begin now to realize its agriculture potential, providing food not only to its own people, but also to its neighbors in the Horn of Africa and in the Maghreb to the north.

Agriculture Minister Betty Achan Ogwaro: Economic, Infrastructure Development Are Top Priorities in South Sudan


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (ret.)

Wilkerson served for 31 years in the U.S. Army, and under Gen. Colin Powell in several U.S. administrations. He has been an outspoken critic of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as the abuses of the U.S. Constitution committed by Bush and Obama.

Hon. Betty Achan Ogwaro

Ogwaro is the Agriculture Minister for the Republic of South Sudan.


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