Volume 39, Number 8, February 24, 2012


The Next Jump in Evolution: The End of Monetarism  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Feb. 11 LaRouche PAC webcast. The euro’s days are numbered, and the failure of the hyperinflationary bailout policy, together with the brutal austerity which is destroying Greece and other countries, are a testament to the incompetence of the governments which have imposed them. Trapped within the bell jar of monetarism, these governments are incapable of finding the way out the spiral of collapse. The challenge now is to achieve new, higher levels of evolution, through increases in the biosphere’s energy-flux density.


Greek Elder Statesmen Issue Appeal To Save Their Nation  

The new Memorandum of Understanding imposed on Greece by the Euro-tyrants will ensure that the nation will be devoured by the insatiable hunger of the collapsing imperial financial order headquartered in London. But there is significant opposition to the Troika’s murderous policy, notably from two of Greece’s distinguished Resistance heroes.

Mikos Theodorakis: The Truth about Greece

by Mikos Theodorakis

An Appeal to the Peoples of Europe

by Mikos Theodorakis and Manolis Glezos

Glass-Steagall Fight Spreads in Italy

by Andrew Spannaus

In the week since the public announcement of Sen. Oskar Peterlini’s bill to establish a Glass-Steagall-style separation of commercial banks and investment banks in Italy, the fight has expanded, with extensive media coverage, and the addition of five new co-sponsors.

Satellite Funding Cuts: Obama, Congress To Shut Landsat’s Eyes

by Marsha Freeman

Landsat has provided a multidecade time sequence of changes on the Earth’s surface of incalculable economic benefit. Now, budget cuts demanded by President Obama and Congress will, for the first time in its history, create a gap in Landsat data.


U.S. Military’s Efforts Alone Can’t Stop Empire’s War Drive  

We are on the very edge of the potential breakout of World War III, Lyndon LaRouche warned during a Feb. 18 broadcast on LPAC-TV. Leading figures in the U.S. military, and others, have delayed this outbreak over the last months, but as long as President Barack Obama remains in power, there is a very real danger that such a war could occur.

Documentation: Russian Spokesmen See Threat of Nuclear War

Improved Pakistan-Russia Relations: A Necessity for Stability in Eurasia

by Ramtanu Maitra

The visit by the Pakistani Foreign Minister to Moscow Feb. 7-9 has ushered in closer relations between the two countries, providing hope of much-needed regional stability.

Obama’s Plan for War on China Could Be Stymied in the Philippines

by Michael O. Billington

Obama’s “pivot” to Asia may run aground in the Philippines.

West Tries To Spark a New Sudan War

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Just seven months after Sudan split between North and South, words of war are once again in the air.

International Intelligence


Officer Risks Career: ‘I Knew Too Much To Remain Silent’  

by Carl Osgood

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis’s report, “Dereliction of Duty II,” rips apart the lies of senior officers and defense officials, including the nearly untouchable David Petraeus, about the war in Afghanistan.


Obama Tramples on JFK’s Grave