Volume 39, Number 11, March 16, 2012


LaRouche: Thermonuclear War Looms; How We Must Prevent It  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s opening statement to a simulcast on March 10, to town hall meetings convened in their respective states, by the six Congressional candidates who make up the LaRouche National Slate. LaRouche details the factors that are presently leading us into a potential thermonuclear World War III. Added to the threat of war, he says, is that, among the current crop of so-called Presidential candidates are “one Democrat, who is not fit for anything, the current President of the United States; and we have four Republicans of note, of which three are absolutely intolerable, and one, who might be accepted as a continued member of the Congress, but is obviously not qualified for getting anywhere near the Presidency.”


Rep. Jones Takes Leadership in Drive Against World War  

by Nancy Spannaus

Rep. Walter Jones has submitted House Concurrent Resolution 107, effectively putting President Obama on notice that, if he commits the U.S. to war, without getting explicit Congressional approval, he will be impeached.

‘An Impeachable High Crime and Misdemeanor’

The full text of Jones’s House Concurrent Resolution 107.

Obama’s NASA Budget: A Death Sentence for the U.S. Space Program

by Marsha Freeman

Obama’s 2013 NASA budget is a frontal assault on the nation’s space program. Without an aggressive space exploration effort, which catalyzes scientific breakthroughs and the advancement of revolutionary new technology, mankind faces a bleak future.


Can U.S. Patriots Stop Maniac Obama/British Drive for War?  

by Michele Steinberg

The issue put the table by the warm and fuzzy special relationship between the British Prime Minister and the U.S. President is: Will Her Majesty’s government once again drive the United States to war, this time a thermonuclear World War III?

Cheminade’s Presidential Campaign Is Creating an Uproar in France  

Jacques Cheminade’s campaign as “the new de Gaulle of France” has overturned the chessboard of French politics, and forced the political elites to take notice.

Jacques Cheminade: ‘We Must Swear an Oath To the Future’

by Jacques Cheminade

Cheminade’s address to the February Schiller Institute conference in Berlin.

Why Christians in Syria Love the U.S., But Despise Its Pro-British Policies

by Hussein Askary

As the British Empire accelerates its gameplan for regime change in Syria, some influential voices in that nation are speaking out against the danger of religious wars, and exposing the lies in Western media and capitals about what is happening there.

International Intelligence


Toppling the Tyranny of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

by Bruce Director

Bruce Director, a member of the U.S. Board of the Schiller Institute, gave this speech to the Institute’s conference in Berlin on Feb. 25.

Conference Report

Hold a Referendum! Ireland Is a Test Case for the EU Austerity Pact

by Gene Douglas

Gene Douglas of the LaRouche Irish Brigade gave this speech to the Berlin Schiller Institute conference, Feb. 25, 2012.

Educating a Renaissance: Ireland—An Economic Revival

The policy statement of the LaRouche Irish Brigade and the LaRouche Irish Science Team, based on marine transport, engineering, and scientific exploration.


The Science of Survival