Volume 39, Number 13, March 30, 2012


NAWAPA XXI: A Great Project To Restore the American System  

NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance, initially proposed in 1964 by the Parsons Engineering Company, to provide vast amounts of freshwater to the parched regions of the western U.S. and northern Mexico, has been thoroughly updated and expanded, and is now presented in an Special Report issued by a team of LaRouche PAC researchers. The report, excerpted here, is described by its authors “as a proposal for action, to be immediately undertaken by elected officials of government,” and “as a handbook for patriots who seek to re-establish the United States as a leader in science, technology, and industry.”


On the Anniversary of SDI: Russians Answer Threat of Thermonuclear War  

by Nancy Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

The tough response to the saber-rattling from Washington, from the leadership in Moscow and Beijing, combined with the war-prevention moves by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other leading institutional forces in the United States, has, so far, blocked the launching of thermonuclear confrontation, and the capitulation of Russia and China to London’s desperate efforts to salvage their hopelessly bankrupt global financial system through the further looting of the two Eurasian superpowers.

U.S. Unilateral Sanctions Against Sovereign Nations Mean Genocide

by Ramtanu Maitra

The U.S.-British push for oil sanctions against Iran, as well as against the 12 nations which have been ordered to drastically reduce their imports from Iran, amount to economic blackmail, and could lead to genocide.

Cheminade Gives France a Vision for the Future

Jacques Cheminade’s campaign for the Presidency of France is challenging the mindset that led to the current, devastating breakdown of society, and demanding a profound paradigm-shift to that of the sovereign nation-state. And, the Establishment is howling.

Jacques Cheminade: My Campaign Faced with Collective Anaesthesia

by Jacques Cheminade

LaRouche to Seminar in Mexican Senate: ‘Shift to an Economy of the Noösphere’  

by Dennis Small

LaRouche “returned” to Mexico March 20 with a pre-recorded video address to a conference, jointly sponsored by the LaRouche Citizens’ Movement (Mocila) and the Senate of Mexico, on the 30th anniversary of Operation Juárez.

LaRouche’s Speech: ‘The Economics of the Noösphere’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Feudalism or Nation-State: The Choice Is Ours  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

We are in grave danger of losing even the last semblance of democracy, writes Helga Zepp-LaRouche, because with the signing of the so-called Fiscal Union and the imminent adoption of the European Stability Mechanism, the national parliaments are stripped of power and the national governments become subject to the dictates of unelected EU bureaucrats.

Man-Made Disaster: Drought Crisis Cuts Water, Food Supply

by Marcia Merry Baker and Cynthia R. Rush

The current drought in the Great American Desert region of North America, is no mere “bad cycle” of weather events, but the result of the combined impact of decades of not building infrastructure, free-trade looting of the limited water resource base, and lack of defense against the current pattern of extreme weather.


Afghanistan Massacre: One Rogue Soldier, or Sign of the Times?

by Carl Osgood

The March 11 Panjwai massacre has put the spotlight on mental-health issues within the Army, and further undermined the U.S. counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan. Is Robert Bales, the alleged Panjwai killer, a rogue soldier, or the product of a larger process that is taking down the entire U.S. military?


The SDI, Then and Now  

The LaRouche Show, the weekly Internet radio program, featured EIR’s Paul Gallagher on March 24, interviewed by host Harley Schlanger, in an in-depth review of the true story behind the LaRouche-Reagan SDI.

On the 29th Anniversary of Reagan’s SDI Proposal

by Ronald Reagan

LaRouche on Reagan’s SDI: ‘A Moment of Greatness’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


NAWAPA XXI: Agenda To Save the Nation