Volume 39, Number 18, May 4, 2012


Liam Halligan and the British Option: Time for Glass-Steagall in Britain?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Daily Telegraph’s Liam Halligan appropriately warned, “Eurozone crisis roars back to savage Spain.” LaRouche writes that “the United Kingdom is presently trapped in virtually the same financial quicksands of what has been ‘unchristened’ as ‘governance,’ as in the rest of western and central Europe: more or less, case by case, but often from immediately opposing sides in the general ferment.” Halligan’s warning “should have impelled what remain as thoughtful Britons to seek an appropriate route of escape from the oncoming ruin of the United Kingdom and other nations. In brief: A lesson so learned might be a better destiny won.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Webcast

A Dialogue with Spain and Portugal: On the Global Crisis and the Future of Europe  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

In a webcast simultaneously translated into Spanish, Zepp-LaRouche declared that her purpose was “to address ourselves especially to the people in Spain and Portugal who are hit right now with the consequences of a completely incompetent, and I would even say, malicious policy on the side of the European Union. . .

‘Open Letter for Spanish Science’


The British Queen’s Science? Fascist Austerity & Genocide  

by Nancy Spannaus

The April 2012 report “People and the Planet,” issued under the name of the British Royal Society, is a high-level call for the British monarchy’s program of fascist austerity and genocide, in the explicit tradition of the Club of Rome, the International Panel on Climate Change, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Obamanomics Infects Social Security

by Paul Gallagher

Irish Referendum: Fear Is ‘Yes’ Camp’s Only Tactic on Treaty

An interview with Irish parliamentarian Thomas Pringle.


R2P, ‘Atrocities Prevention’: Obama’s Road to Nuclear War  

by Michele Steinberg

In a performance at the Holocaust Museum in Washington that rivaled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s railing about a new holocaust threat against Israel coming from Iran, Obama launched a plan for preventive war against national sovereignty, under the “Responsibility To Protect” doctrine—starting with Iran and Syria.

Israel’s Top Brass Slam Netanyahu, Barak

A Replay of 1992 in Italy

by Andrew Spannaus

Today’s scandals have a familiar stench. Andrew Spannaus in Milan wrote this article for www.movisol.org, the website of the LaRouche movement in Italy.

New Phase of Assault on Sudan Opens with Plan for Long Border War

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Lawrence Freeman gives an on-the-scene report from Sudan.


LaRouche Basement Team in Dialogue with NASA Scientists

by Creighton Jones

Lyndon LaRouche’s scientific research team brought fresh ideas to a NASA-sponsored astrobiology conference on “Exploring Life: Past and Present, Near and Far,” in Atlanta, Ga. “If mankind is to extend his existence beyond the bounds of the protective womb of Earth,” writes Creighton Jones, “it will require some fundamental breakthroughs in our understanding of how life expresses itself, and what its requirements are for thriving.”

Protecting Mankind from Extra-Terrestrial Threats

by Oyang Teng

An interview with Claudio Maccone.

Strategic Defense of Earth: Russia To Put SDE at Top of Agenda

by Rachel Douglas


Thomas Pritngle

Pringle, an Independent member of the Irish Dáil (parliament), has begun legal proceedings challenging the Government on fundamental aspects of the treaties with the European Union.

Claudio Maccone

Dr. Maccone is Technical Director of the International Academy of Astronautics, and the author of Deep Space Flight and Communications (2009). He spoke at the NASA astrobiology conference on humanity’s lack of preparedness for an Earth impact of an asteroid or comet.


Obama Is the Attrocity