Volume 39, Number 22, June 1, 2012


LaRouche: Only Glass-Steagall Now Can Halt Global Breakdown  

Abruptly, but lawfully, the Spanish debt crisis has erupted into a systemic rupture in the trans-Atlantic financial and monetary facade, thus posing the immediate question: How much longer will the London-centered financial system survive? Lyndon LaRouche says the collapse is upon us, and outlines the remedies.

Gordon Brown: Banks Need Gigantic Global Bailout

by Paul Gallagher

Greek Pharmacists Strike: Euro Debt Collectors Deny Medical Payments

The one-day strike was in protest over the government’s refusal to reimburse pharmacists for some EU1 billion, which has created a grave shortage of medicines, and threatens the lives of the people who depend on them.

Euro Austerity Pact: Gerry Adams Calls for ‘No’ Vote on Treaty

Excerpts from a speech by Adams to the National Convention of Sinn Féin on the eve of the May 31 Irish referendum.


Blair vs. Putin Doctrines: NATO’s Syria Ploy Could Start Thermonuclear War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Even before the May 25 massacre in the Syrian village of Houla, NATO leaders were planning an escalation in the regime-change drive against President Assad. The immediate condemnation of the Syrian government by Western diplomats, despite sharp responses from Russia and China, has put the world on the brink of a potential thermonuclear confrontation.

Obama’s Afghan Exit Plan Coming Unhinged

by Ramtanu Maitra

Obama’s much-ballyhooed Afghan exit strategy is unravelling, as the London- Washington cabal’s lack of insight and endless arrogance further erodes all hopes that the U.S./NATO troops will leave Afghanistan with even a modicum of order and stability.

Obama, British Create Failed States, as Bases for Assaults on Sovereignty  

by Douglas DeGroot

The northern part of Mali has become a new Afghanistan-style ungoverned zone, that has been turned into a base for attacks on other nations in the region by the British-created al-Qaeda apparatus.

International Intelligence


Marriage Made in Hell: Tony Blair Deployed To Secure Obama Re-election  

by Nancy Spannaus

Blair has signed on as a top advisor to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign—as a stepping-stone to his own planned return to power in Great Britain.

Top Military Figures Reject Conflict with Russia and China

by Carl Osgood

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in response to questions from EIR, gave voice to the war-avoidance strategy from within the highest levels of the U.S. military.


Russia Lays Out Plans for a Permanent Lunar Presence  

by Marsha Freeman

Russia will be focusing its space exploration efforts toward a permanent presence on the Moon, Federal Space Agency head Vladimir Popovkin stated on May 22, at the Global Space Exploration conference in Washington.

Europe/U.S. BMD: ‘The Worst of Both Worlds’

by Marsha Freeman

Gen. Vladimir Popovkin: Space Exploration and Physics Breakthroughs

by Benjamin Deniston and Peter Martinson

Benjamin Deniston and Peter Martinson of LaRouche PAC-TV interviewed General Popovkin at the Global Space Exploration conference on Russia’s program to monitor and, potentially, counteract threats from space.

Russians Conduct Inspired Discussions of Space Exploration

by Rachel Douglas

A density of public discussion is currently taking place in Russia about the future of the real economy, the possibility of reviving science, and the space program, in particular.


Kesha Wins Again!