Volume 39, Number 28, July 20, 2012


The Doom of the Libor Rate: The End of an Imperial System  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“An insightful, important current in the leadership of Britain, has proposed that Britain join together with the United States in a new, Glass-Steagall orientation of the trans-Atlantic region—and, clearly, much more besides.... There are many uncertainties afoot at the moment; but, whatever happens, the present form of trans-Atlantic financial machinations, is at its present, actually mass murderous, and utterly very dirty end.”

Libor-Rigging: A Scandal for Bankers and a Funeral for Banksters

by Paul Gallagher

Once again, with the Libor scandal, it has been revealed that the world’s largest conglomerate banks systematically commit fraud, to increase their securities-dealing profits at the expense of the rest of us.

Geithner in 2008 Let Banks Decide About Libor

Liborgate: Who Fixes the Libor Rate?

Department of Justice Won’t Prosecute Banks

The Libor Scandal and the European Union

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Bernanke in Blatant Coverup for Geithner, Banks

Reno Pays Goldman 15% Plus Fees for Derivatives

Economics in Brief


Trans-Atlantic War Faction Pushes Back  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

With the shift to support for Glass-Steagall by a powerful faction in the City of London, ironically, the danger of a war provocation emanating from opposing factions in Britain and the United States, has actually increased the danger of general war in the short term.

Interview: Two Syrian Christians Expose Media Lies Against Damascus

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche interviews the two Syrians, who have lived for many years in Germany.

German Constitutional Showdown: Will the Court Rule for, or Against a Future for Germany and Europe?

by Rainer Apel

With the passage by the Bundestag of the hated ESM and Fiscal Pact treaties, the battle moves to the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.


The Drumbeat Grows: ‘It’s Now Beyond Time for Glass-Steagall’  

by Nancy Spannaus

More Americans are catching on to the reality that Glass-Steagall is not a slogan, or a platform point, but a question of life or death of the nation.

Signers of H.R. 1489

Behaviorism Invades the U.S. Military

by Carl Osgood

The U.S. Army has plunged headlong into the pseudoscience of behavior modification, as evidenced at the Unified Quest 2012 wargame held at the U.S. Army War College June 3-8.


Glass-Steagall Understood: The Space in Which To Live  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Rather than gamble on the outcome of civilization, writes LaRouche, mankind must now begin to respond to the fact that the galaxy inhabited by our Solar System is entering a long wave of change. The recent push for a revival of Glass-Steagall, on both sides of the Atlantic, offers such an opportunity.


The Credit System vs. Speculation: Nicholas Biddle and the 2nd Bank of the United States

by Michael Kirsch

Michael Kirsch of the LaRouche Basement Team reviews the history of how the Second Bank of the United States created the greatest period of economic growth in our history up to that time.

Biddle’s Ally Mathew Carey: ‘The Harmony of Interests’


The Handwriting on the Wall