Volume 39, Number 38, September 28, 2012


Walter Jones Press Conference: Legal Experts, Military Leaders, Say Restore Constitution  

A press conference on Sept. 21, called by Rep. Walter B. Jones to discuss his HCR 107, which calls on the President to obey the Constitution, and to seek Congressional authorization before waging war, or face impeachment, was joined by Constitutional law specialist Bruce Fein; Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson; Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer; and included a statement from Gen. Joseph P. Hoar. EIR’s Jeffrey Steinberg moderated. Each of the speakers presented powerful evidence that the Obama Administration was in gross violation of the U.S. Constitution, and that the Republic itself is in danger, until that process can be reversed. We present a transcript of the entire event.


It’s Not Just Words: Russian, U.S. Militaries in Action  

by Rachel Douglas and Nancy Spannaus

Among those who have issued stern warnings about the imminent danger of a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States, arising from the ongoing U.S.-NATO regime-change efforts in the Middle East, are Lyndon LaRouche, Gen. Martin Dempsey, and the Russian leadership. As this report makes clear, the world is now on a course to destruction, which must be derailed immediately, if mankind is to survive.

There Is an Alternative to War and Hyperinflation  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

“We are holding this international webcast to generate an international debate about the situation that there is an alternative to the present policies,” Zepp-LaRouche stated at the outset, and called on those watching, to mobilize for the realization of the alternative: a system based on international collaboration to discover the means of achieving the common aims of mankind.


Obama’s Coverup of Benghazi, New 9/11, Starts To Collapse  

by Edward Spannaus

Within days of the mass circulation of Lyndon LaRouche’s statement demanding Obama’s immediate impeachment for his complicity in a new 9/11, and for ignoring specific warnings of a possible attack in Benghazi, Libya, the White House coverup of the truth about the attack on the U.S. consultate there, began to unravel.

Hillary Knows Saudis Fund Global Jihadi Terror

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Edward Spannaus

The House of Saud: British-Programmed Killer of Muslims  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Saudi Arabia, a kept subsidiary of the British monarchy, is spending trillions of dollars internationally, in furtherance of the monarchy’s agenda of religious warfare and terrorism.

What Is Wahhabism?

by Ramtanu Maitra


Glass-Steagall or Financial Bust: The End of the System

by Susan Welsh

There are only two options on the table for the dying trans-Atlantic banking system: Bernanke’s hyperinflation, or Glass-Steagall, as the first step toward restoring sanity to the banking system.


Obama Seeks Consolidation of Dictatorial Powers

by Nancy Spannaus

In the wake of the 9/11 terrorism attack on the United States, the Cheney/Bush Administration demanded and received a vast expansion of police-state powers. While those plans did not meet total success, the Obama Administration, functioning as a tool of the British financial establishment, is determined to finish the job.

Kesha Rogers: Put Principle Above Party

by Nancy Spannaus

The main exception to the media/money show that is the Presidential election, is Kesha Rogers, the LaRouche candidate running for Congress in Texas. Rogers was interviewed by EIR Editor Nancy Spannaus.

Even Warhawks Doubt Obama’s Afghan Policy

by Carl Osgood

Two leading Republican Congressmen, Rep. Bill Young (Fla.), and Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), have changed their minds in recent days about the war in Afghanistan. Their views dovetail with those of the Out of Afghanistan Caucus, which held a press conference on Sept. 20.

Operation Fast and Furious: Obama Accused of Obstructing Inquiry


Yes, It’s Really That Bad