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This article appears in the September 28, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

There Is an Alternative
to War and Hyperinflation

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Sept. 25—"We are holding this international webcast to generate an international debate about the situation that there is an alternative to the present policies, and I want to call on all of you, on this occasion, to mobilize for the realization of this alternative, which I'm going to present to you today." Thus Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the German political party Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo), and founder of the Schiller Institute, began her webcast on Sept. 22, which was entitled "An Alternative to Hyperinflation and Thermonuclear War."

The event drew listeners from at least 38 countries, and questions came in from activists all around the world, including Russia, Austria, Italy, Ireland, and Greece, all of whom were seeking answers to the increasingly desperate situations in their countries. Zepp-LaRouche, often drawing on the great German Classical poet Friedrich Schiller, sought in each case to inspire the questioners to have the courage to inspire others to come forward and force a debate on reversing the current paradigm of monetarism and war-mongering. Instead, she said, there should be a system based on international collaboration to discover the means of achieving the common aims of mankind.

Evil Reproduces Itself

Zepp-LaRouche devoted the first part of her presentation to a thorough review of both the danger of a thermonuclear confrontation, primarily from trigger points in the Middle East, and the policy of hyperinflation cum murderous austerity now killing the world economy and its people. But what is the generating principle behind these developments? She put it this way:

"What comes to mind at this point, is a quote by Friedrich Schiller from his Wallenstein Trilogy, the Piccolomini part, Act 5, Scene 1: that it is the curse of the evil deed that it permanently must regenerate new evil deeds.

"Where this applies, in my view, is what happened at the Trilateral Commission meeting in 1975 in Tokyo, where not only was it decided to have a policy of the so-called controlled disintegration of the world economy, a conscious de-industrialization, post-industrial utopian scheme, which was part of the paradigm which is responsible for the present collapse of the trans-Atlantic region; but, what was also decided at that point was the policy of the Islamic card against the Soviet Union, in the war against Afghanistan. And this led to creation and support of the mujahideen, in the 10 years from the '80s, contributing to the end of the Soviet Union."

Of course, as she elaborated, this policy by the leading Anglo-American institutions, under the influence of the genocidal British monarchy, did not stop with the elimination of the Soviet Union. It continued with the 9/11 terrorism in the United States, in which the Saudi role was covered up; with the endless wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan which ensued; and now with a 9/11 Take Two, demonstrated with the murder of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, and the spread of Islamic fundamentalist uprisings all around the world.

The same is true in terms of the economic policy. As Zepp-LaRouche put it:

"Now, we are today in Europe at a point which reminds you of Friedrich Schiller's remarks in Don Carlos, where the Marquis of Posa accuses King Philip that his policy for Spain is only bringing the peace of a graveyard. Now that is the danger confronting all of Europe. All these proposals which are on the table right now—the European Stability Mechanism as a permanent bailout fund, the mutualization of the debt, Eurobonds, a "United States of Europe"—all of this will not function, because simply there is no "European people." We have a minimum of 27 nations, 27 histories, languages, and nobody in Europe, except for a minor bureaucracy and some people who profit from the present system, regard themselves as a "European nation." We are not.

"This, again, is the curse of the evil deed which permanently gives rebirth to more evil. Namely, when the euro was enforced on Europe, especially on Germany, as the price for German unification. It was the geopolitical aim to turn Europe into the junior partner in the Anglo-American empire at the time. And remember that [Giuliano] Amato—who was one of the architects of the reformulation of the European Constitution to become only a treaty, because it had been flatly voted "no" by the French and the Dutch populations—had actually said, why not go back to the Middle Ages, because feudalism was such a beautiful thing! And that is exactly what the present policy of the EU represents."

Of course, feudalism was not such a beautiful thing—unless you want to rapidly reduce the population of the planet. That should be a marker for the major force in favor of depopulation globally, the British monarchy.

The Alternative

Zepp-LaRouche concluded her remarks by outlining the global development program of the LaRouche political movement, starting with Glass-Steagall banking separation, which she urged listeners to fight for in their countries.

Second, she called for cancellation of all the EU treatries, from Maastricht to Lisbon, a return to national sovereignty which functioned quite well.

Third, she elaborated the necessity for a credit system, which is concretely focused around a global development plan, especially the Program for an Economic Miracle in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean Region, and Africa, which began to be circulated by the Schiller Institute and EIR several months ago. She illustrated how this plan was linked into the World Land-Bridge, and blasted the obstructions to that plan which come from the Green anti-human paradigm.

The other paradigm that has to be changed, she said, is that of geopolitics, which calls for an escalating conflict between the trans-Atlantic region, and Russia and China. The alternative to this approach requires not just "war avoidance" per se, but collaboration between the two regions on the common threats to their existence, specifically the threats from space that are represented by potential asteroid strikes on Earth. Zepp-LaRouche specifically noted two proposals already on the table, the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative, and the Strategic Defense of Earth proposal by the former Russian ambassador to NATO, Dmitri Rogozin.

She ended on a note of optimism: "Now, the reason why, despite all the existing dangers, I'm so optimistic that it is possible, has to do with the thinking of such people as Nicolaus of Cusa and Johannes Kepler, who, by studying the stars, came to the conclusion that the universe is so full of beauty, that it clearly reflects, in its lawfulness, a loving Creator. And that if we do our job right now, and act in the image of that Creator, I think that we have reached a punctum saliens in mankind's history, where we can make the jump, so that mankind finally can become adult."

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