Volume 39, Number 50, December 21, 2012


An Economy Restored: The End to ‘Bail-Out’!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche takes up the case of President Harry Truman, and how that “London-directed, Wall Street interests’ sometime hat-peddler” was used to betray our nation with his “economic shell-games deployed against the legacy of the President Franklin D. Roosevelt.” Unfortunately, he writes, few among the Congress today have been willing to discuss exactly how the Truman Presidency wrecked the economy then, nor how it was briefly restored under President John F. Kennedy, nor how it entered its 50-year decline after Kennedy’s assassination. “I wish to show you, now, how political swindlers in the likeness of such as Truman and Nixon, or the evil Andrew Jackson earlier, must be defeated, and our republic thus resurrected.”


LaRouche Webcast: No to the Green Policy; Revive Our Credit System  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act is the essential first step to preventing the United States from going bankrupt, but by itself, “it cannot do anything miraculous in terms of changing things,” Lyndon LaRouche said at his Friday Webcast on Dec. 7. The deeper changes required to put the economy on the right track necessitate an understanding of a credit system, as conceived by Alexander Hamilton and other economists of the American System—not the British free-trade system.


A Christmas Message: Peace on Earth? Will Humanity Have Any Future at All?  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Commenting on the German Bundestag’s vote to deploy Patriot air defense systems to Turkey, Mrs. LaRouche writes: “The deteriorating situation in the Middle East brings us closer every day to a thermonuclear World War III, but governments and parties are making increasingly insane decisions and are apparently unable to think through the consequences of their actions, like sleepwalkers who totter blindfolded on a tightrope over the abyss.”

Principles To Move Forward: Putin Tells Nation, World Faces Watershed

by Rachel Douglas

The first annual Message to the Federal Assembly since resuming office as President last Spring.


Obama Follows British Lead Toward Igniting World War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

President Obama is toeing the line for his British imperial masters, joining Prime Minister Cameron in pushing for the placement of Patriot missiles in Turkey, under cover of “protecting a NATO ally,” but in reality, aimed at regime change in Damascus, and risking confrontation with Russia.

LaRouche PAC Videos: Obama, the New Osama

by Nancy Spannaus

British Asset Obama Pushes for Legalization of Drugs

The President says he will not enforce Federal anti-marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington state, where referenda in the last election supported legalization in those states.

Victor Ivanov: Banks Need Drugs More than Cartels Need Banks

A presentation in the Boston area by the head of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service.

Conference Report

The Mission of Europe vs. the British Empire

by Jacques Cheminade

The speech by former French Presidential candidate and former president of Solidarité et Progrès, the LaRouche movement in France, to the Schiller Institute conference in Flörsheim, Germany on Nov. 25.

Greek Crisis: Impact on Society at Large

by Prof. George Tsobanoglou

Prof. Tsobanoglou is a sociologist from Greece.

Does the Euro Have a Chance of Surviving?

by Prof. Wilhelm Hankel

Prof. Hankel of Germany has mounted numerous legal challenges to the euro system, advocating a return to national currencies.

On What Does Italy’s Future Depend?

by Lorella Presotto

Lorella Presotto is president of Italy’s National Civic Confederation, and chairwoman of the electoral list Si Siamo Italia in the upcoming national elections.


Effective War Avoidance