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The future ultimately ends the empire of the past—but, for whom?
Obama and the Trojan Horse!
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

21 December 2012
First, the Nature of the Challenge!
For mankind, the most urgent knowledge should be the discovery that that which even most among our present scientists and other contemporary learned persons had believed to have been a universal principle, had been, actually, a systemically deadly error of judgment on their part. There have been relatively rare exceptions this far. For our convenience here and now, those errors have been broadly classified, by me, as, chiefly, the following, three points of observation:
(1) First of all: blind faith in the presumed elementarity of sense-certainty is the relatively worst mistake encountered among those who had not been either ignorant, or, had been, simply, clinically insane. That means that you must adopt included precautions against a certain, widespread, related error. That has been the error of belief in a systemically fraudulent, pseudo-principle of ``sense-certainty,'' a belief which is proximately consistent with the intellectually numbing fallacies inhering in a Euclidean geometry.
(2) Secondly: take as an example, one recently actual case of a relatively large asteroid, one which had been discovered only a relatively short time before it had ``narrowly missed'' an awful collision with Earth.
Consider a complementary threat, one which would be presented to us by any relevant type of large asteroid whose threat-potential, while known to be on a fairly estimated trajectory, lies, for example,...
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  • Obama and the Trojan Horse!
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    Like the suicidal Trojans, who were duped by the Greeks into bring the great Wooden Horse into their city, and thus, doomed themselves to destruction, the American voters have re-elected Barack Obama to a second term, when they should have known better. But LaRouche proposes that the solution to the growing immiseration of the U.S. and world population is his three-fold recovery program. How to get there? Employ the 'mind of mankind' to overcome the slavery of sense-perception.
  • Einstein and Planck:
    Classical Music and Scientific Discovery

    Excerpts from the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report of Jan. 2.



  • British-Saudi Terror Team Sparks Sectarian Bloodbath
    The dozens of sectarian killings in the region spanning North Africa to Southwest Asia, and beyond, are threatening to detonate a Sunni/Shi'ite conflict; the ensuing bloodbath could rival that of the 13thCentury Mongol invaders.


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