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Schiller Conference Presents a New Paradigm
Using the SDI Principle Today To Save Mankind

by Nancy Spannaus

March 25—The 30th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), on March 23, 1983, finds mankind at a crossroads, still threatened by the danger of thermonuclear war and economic-strategic crisis that led Lyndon LaRouche to propose that solution decades ago. With that reality in mind, the Schiller Institute, founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in 1984, convened a conference in Northern Virginia on that day in 2013, to deliberate on ``A New Paradigm To Save Mankind; the Need for the Principle of the SDI Today.'' Zepp-LaRouche, whose keynote is printed below, began her presentation: ``I would really emphasize that the continued existence of civilization depends on two preconditions: One is the immediate—and I really mean immediate, that is, in the next days, or at maximum, weeks—implementation of Glass-Steagall. And the second condition is to finally implement the Strategic Defense of the Earth, in the tradition of the SDI.'' The conference, which drew approximately 350 people, primarily from the East Coast of the United States, featured two panel discussions, the first, on the need for a transition from the SDI to the Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE), and the second, on the solution to the economic crisis: Glass-Steagall or hyperinflation. As a foretaste of the new spirit of Classical beauty and optimism which the new paradigm must embody, the conference also featured several stirring Classical musical presentations...
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