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The British Empire's Concentration Camps Vs. Glass-Steagall
by Dennis Small

EIR Ibero-American Intelligence Director Dennis Small gave this report to the May 2, 2013 LaRouchePAC national activists conference call.
We are now in the early part of 2013. I want you to look back five years, and I want you to look forward for a certain period of time, simultaneously. Look back five years to 2008. At that point, Lyndon LaRouche warned, as the crisis of the meltdown of the trans-Atlantic financial system broke upon the United States and Europe as well, that unless policies were implemented that completely eliminated the speculative, cancerous bubble with measures such as Glass-Steagall, that if that did not happen and if it were allowed to continue, that cancer would grow. It would take over the body of the economy altogether. And we would suffer economic collapse in the physical economy, around the world and in the United States, which would bring fascism down upon us, if we did not reverse this policy. That policy reversal did not happen. LaRouche's warning was not heeded, and from 2008 to 2012, approximately four and a half trillion dollars of ``quantitative easing'' was issued. What that means is that money was printed in the electronic fashion that happens now, to try to bail out the speculative cancer. A hyperinflationary speculative bubble was created, on top of the existing speculative bubble. And at the same time, bone-crushing austerity was implemented on the populations of Europe and in the United States...
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