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Nuclear NAWAPA XXI, Desalination, and the New Economy
by Michael Kirsch

This is the third in our series of articles from the 21st Century Science & Technology Special Report, ``Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy.'' An economy is an integrated process, whose character is to constantly evolve as such. Today, that evolution must be spearheaded by a 21st-Century North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA XXI), driven by fission, with a fusion economy on the horizon.
The completed NAWAPA XXI will be more than delivery corridors of freshwater: It will be the bounding infrastructure network of a more advanced economy and society, and a scientific resource management of a new kind. With the widespread application of fission for electricity, heat, and desalination, combined with a system of continental water resource management, the several crises in water, food, energy, transportation, jobs, etc., all merely symptoms of the failure to implement these measures decades ago, will be solved.
For this, a complete dedication of human and productive resources currently existing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, will be required. Their economies will be put into high gear, requiring assistance from China, South Korea, and Japan for the mass-production of the latest nuclear power plants and machine tools. A rapid training program to produce the necessary skilled labor will be initiated. These include workers in the construction crafts, machine-tool operators, engineers, and scientists of all kinds. ...
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