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Ukraine and Russia:
A Readjustment for Survival

Lyndon LaRouche was joined by LaRouchePAC's Dennis Mason and Jason Ross for his weekly Friday evening webcast (www.larouchepac.com) Nov. 29, where he advanced a crucial evaluation of a change in the world strategic situation. Here is an edited transcript.

Dennis Mason:
The first question comes from a Washington, D.C. source. He writes:
``Mr. LaRouche, with the Thanksgiving holiday past, every member of Congress seeking re-election is now in the active phase of campaigning. The Glass-Steagall issue remains a prominent issue with growing support within the American population, among state legislators, and in Congress. The recent speech by Elizabeth Warren highlighting her Senate bill to re-instate Glass-Steagall was well received and widely publicized. At this point, the only clear opposition to Glass-Steagall is coming from Wall Street and from the Obama White House. What is your advice to members of the Congress? How do you see the Glass-Steagall fight in the coming days? What kind of timeframe do you see for its passage? How will President Obama respond?''
Lyndon LaRouche:
I wouldn't worry too much about President Obama. I think the gentleman is on the way out; and it's a question of when the delivery of his removal is going to occur. The more interesting thing nowadays, is sudden shifts from a regional situation such as the United States or the trans-Atlantic region....
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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    Ukraine and Russia: A Readjustment for Survival

    'If Ukraine were to accept being gobbled up by Western Europe, Ukraine's population would go through a death spiral,' said Lyndon LaRouche in his Nov. 29 webcast. 'So everything is interlocked, more or less intensely, and this thing is going to change from day to day, week to week. The world as a whole is in an upheaval in which the parts are in a sense interacting as if they were one process. It's a global process. There may be parts that are on the edges, or the fringes, of the operation, but in general this thing is going. The present system is finished. The present global system will no longer exist; something new will emerge. What is not certain, is what is going to emerge with what. But this is a wild-eyed situation, and there are no simple explanations available; except that the world in its present form is bankrupt.'
    • After Ukraine's EU Refusal:
      Eurasian Development vs. Collapse and Chaos

      The potential for vast, Eurasia-centered economic development quickly became evident following Ukraine's Nov. 21 decision not to finalize a freetrade agreement with the moribund European Union. The Ukrainian government announced that President Yanukovych would sign 20 cooperation documents, including a Strategic Partnership Agreement between China and Ukraine, during a Dec. 3-6 state visit to Beijing.



  • Mideast War Danger Recedes;
    Putin Emerges as Peacemaker

    The combined efforts of Russian President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry, Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey, and others, have opened the possibility of the Iran breakthrough with the P5+1 extending into the Syria conflict.
  • China Stakes Out Roadmap for Reform
    The Chinese Communist Party Congress met in plenary session, charting out 60 areas of social, political, and economic importance for transformation. But the revival that China hopes for cannot long survive if the world continues its descent into economic chaos.
  • Will Africa Make the ICC Irrelevant?
    There is a growing sentiment among African nations that the International Criminal Court is no longer a legitimate institution, and should be put out of existence.
  • Solidarité & Progrès Congress:
    Call for Resistance vs. Financial Fascism

    Meeting in Paris, the French party associated with the international LaRouche movement called for reviving the spirit of the World War II Resistance against Fascism.


Political Economy

  • List vs. von Hayek:
    Free-Trade Monetarism Is the Road to Serfdom

    The revival of 'Vienna School' economist Friedrich von Hayek's free-trade doctrine today not only threatens the freedom of the Western world, but has brought it to the brink of a fascist financial dictatorship. The bankruptcy of such doctrines had already been exposed long before, notably by 19th-Century GermanAmerican economist Friedrich List, an associate of American System advocates Mathew and Henry Carey and Henry Clay. Andrea Andromidas reports from Germany.


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