Volume 40, Number 9, March 1, 2013


Financial System on Steroids: Shut Down the Casino Economy  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

When even the Swiss bankers’ newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung uses the “H-word” (“hyperinflation”), it’s clear that the financial world is extremely worried about the effects of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s “quantitative easing.” Some are moving in the direction of a Glass-Steagall reform, and the LaRouche movement internationally is promoting that process.

Documentation: Danger of Hyperinflation Breaks into Public Debate


Criminal Negligence, Green Ideology Caused Australia’s Flood Crisis

by Robert Barwick

The region of Australia that is now being hard hit by flooding is prone to enormous floods, yet virtually nothing has been done to build infrastructure to mitigate them.

Australian Conservation Foundation: The British Crown Created Green Fascism

by Robert Barwick

A reprint from “The British Crown Created Green Fascism,” The New Citizen, October 2011. The newspaper is published by the Citizens Electoral Council, the LaRouche movement in Australia.

Case Study: Tasmania

Prince Philip personally set in motion the creation of the world’s first Green political party, in Tasmania in 1972.


Asteroid Impact over Russia: SDE Proposal Grips the World  

by Benjamin Deniston

While much of the media are reacting to the meteorite explosion over Russia, from the standpoint of practical responses which fit within the current global political-economic framework, a fundamental question is missing. The significance of this special delivery from the Solar System is that it expresses the failure of the current paradigm of government, economics, and science.

Insane Priorities

by Benjamin Deniston

Interview: Hypervelocity Asteroid Deflection

LPAC-TV interviewed Bong Wie (Iowa State University) and Brent Barbee (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), who are working on a “Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle” concept.

Russia’s Rogozin Again Proposes SDE

Russians Respond: Calls for Cooperation on Space Threats

Planetary Defense and Energy-Flux Density

by Benjamin Deniston

Reprinted from 21st Century Science & Technology.


Who Really Owns You?: It Is Time for You To Think, Really  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“It might seem to some stubbornly misguided souls,” LaRouche writes, “that my profession as a successful forecaster in economic processes, has been, and remains, merely that which some learned, but confused folk might wish to prefer to describe, mistakenly, as being that of ‘a contrarian.’ All of which means, in fact, that I have searched, with some modest degree of a relatively unique success, for access to the real, future causes and their outcomes for a future history, rather than that of most of those who have been considered, as by their own very selves, to be ‘merely historians of a past experience.’”

World News

Can SDE Cooperation Trump London’s War Drive?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Will the newly discovered urgency to launch a Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE), a program of global scientific and technological cooperation to secure the future of man on Earth, be sufficient to defeat the equally feverish drive by the British Empire to provoke a permanent global war aimed at the drastic reduction of the human population?

India’s Pro-Obama Government May Be on Its Last Legs

by Ramtanu Maitra

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a packaged product delivered from outside by the international financial and corporate power-brokers who saw him as the pawn that he is. His manifest policy failures are bringing him to the end of the line. Will India find an alternative?

Pope’s Abdication: A Sign of the Times

by Claudio Celani

Glass-Steagall Has Broad Support in U.S.

by Nancy Spannaus


Italy Kicks Over the Chessboard