Volume 40, Number 33, August 23, 2013


Man’s True Intention! How the Future Builds Its Past  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“My experience with the most frequent instances of successful cases of forecasting the future, including my own future, have happened to have been chiefly in the relative domain of economy,” LaRouche writes. “Those successful cases have occurred in their most familiar form of expression as ‘presciences’: they occur, in my experience, as like an effect of ‘tuning-in on’ a fortuitous stepping into what may have seemed to have been a sensation from a broadcast ‘heard as streaming from my head into the future.’ The experience ‘appears’ in the guise of ‘an ebb and flow in a heightened effect of a generally maturing awareness’ of the future.” To understand “How the Future Builds Its Past,” one must, first of all, overcome the hoax of sense perception.


Atlanta Legislators Conference: Pitched Battle Erupts Over Glass-Steagall  

by Tim Rush

A team of LaRouche PAC organizers, joined by current and former state officials, faced a phalanx of Wall Street lobbyists at this year’s National Conference of State Legislatures. The event turned into a battleground in which the Wall Street sharks went all out to stop the NCSL from adopting a resolution in support of Glass-Steagall. An on-the-scene, virtually minute-by-minute report.

Legislators Testify for Glass-Steagall

An illustrated transcript of the speeches urging adoption of the Glass-Steagall resolution, to a hearing of the NCSL Committee on Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce.

Glass-Steagall: A Moment of Truth in Atlanta

The text of the leaflet distributed by LaRouche PAC at the conference.

Glass-Steagall Amendment Debated in Plenary Session


Wall Street Makes a Killing by Closing Down Hospitals

by Mary Jane Freeman

Even before the implementation of Obamacare, the Wall Street predators were ripping apart America’s once-unrivaled, county-by-county, hospital system. It began with HMOs, accelerated with deregulation, and has now reached destructive force with budget cuts and outright financial looting.

Swiss Bail-In Scheme: Stealing Half a Trillion Euros from Depositors

by Claudio Celani

A paper published by the Swiss banking regulator FINMA is causing an uproar in Switzerland and confirms all EIR’s allegations against the planned “Quantitative Stealing.”

Will the Swiss Vote on Bank Separation?

by Claudio Celani

Putin’s G20 Paradox: Summit Prepares To Endorse Bail-In  

by Rachel Douglas

The annual G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia on Sept. 5-6 would be a perfect opportunity to shift the international economic agenda in a healthy direction: against the City of London’s policy of prearranging “bail-in” of the “too-big-to-fail” banks, and in favor of Glass-Steagall banking separation.


LaRouche Declares War on Anglo-Saudi Cabal Behind 9/11  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

As the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks near, Lyndon LaRouche has declared war on the British and Saudi imperial forces who engineered that mass murder, and on those U.S. officials, including Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who have covered up that heinous crime.

Evidence Morsi Supporters Tortured Protesters

A press release from Amnesty International.

War Avoidance Faction Pushes Back Against Obama Madness  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

While Obama seems unable to suppress his rage over the explosive revelations of NSA spying, directing his wrath against Russian President Putin, cooler heads on both sides are seeking to avoid a U.S.-Russia conflict.

French and German Local Officials Launch Initiative for Glass-Steagall

Elected local officials from France and Germany, meeting at the French town of Arzviller, decided to build a movement for a Glass-Steagall-style banking system.

The Arzviller Declaration

Conference Report

The Sense Un-Certainty of Truth

by Megan Beets

Through creativity in science and Classical art, “human beings have a capacity to come to discover valid, universal principles of the universe, principles which are governing the unfolding of processes around us on the planet, processes occurring in the Solar System, out into the galaxy, and hopefully beyond.”

The Science of Creativity

by Phil Rubinstein

Address by a longtime leader of the LaRouche to a June 29 San Francisco Schiller Institute conference, in which he responds to Lyndon LaRouche’s challenge to look at Glass-Steagall “in a deeper and more profound way.”


Nuclear-Thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI