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LaRouche Webcast:
The Promethean Method To Save Civilization Today

This is the transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's Friday LaRouchePAC Webcast of Jan. 3, 2014. The moderator was Matthew Ogden, and he was joined in questioning of Mr. LaRouche by Creighton Jones from the LaRouchePAC Research Team.
Matthew Ogden: The first question tonight comes from a contact within institutional circles: ``Mr. LaRouche, we would like your appraisal of the state of the U.S. economy over the next several years. As of Dec. 28, 1.4 million Americans lost their extended unemployment benefits, leaving them without any source of income. This number will greatly increase in the next several months, unless Congress and the President reinstate the extended benefits. The Obama Administration has failed miserably to create any new real jobs. A majority of the so-called `new jobs' created since Obama came into office are either part-time or temporary. Looking from the standpoint of the entire working-age population, as opposed to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' labor-force measure, real unemployment is well over 25%. In short, these are depression conditions. How do you see the U.S. economy in the remainder of the Obama second term in office, and what options are there to foster genuine economic growth?''
Lyndon LaRouche: There will never be a survival of the United States within the nominal term of Obama's Presidency. What you have, is you have many people--probably 60% of the voters in the United States are opposed to Obama, and wish he would go away. The problem is, they're terrified....
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  • The Promethean Method To Save Civilization Today
    The transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's webcast of Jan. 3, 2014. 'We're up against a phenomenon which is not uncommon in human history, and that is in known human history,' LaRouche declared. 'And the story of Prometheus, as against Zeus, is a real story, it's a true story, the typification of the kind of policy which we are faced with right now. The determination is centered in the Anglo-Dutch Empire, which is not limited to the British and the Dutch: It's global. Australia. Most of Africa, the Middle East, the Saudi Kingdom, for example. These are all extensions of this Empire, which is comparable in its intention to be something like the Roman Empire was.' And the Empire's program is the Green policy: The U.S., Wall Street, the Obama Administration have a Green, mass-murderous policy: This is what we have to eliminate.





  • Beyond Tomorrow: Suddenly, It's All Ominous!
    The History Just Ahead
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'The foreseeable circumstances of the immediately on-coming new year are, momentarily, such, that if U.S. President Obama's de-facto current dictatorship retains power in the U.S.A., the Anglo-Dutch imperial forces will tend to maintain a postured commitment to thermonuclear warfare, against the nations of northern Eurasia. . . . The bestialities of the Anglo-Dutch imperialism, may be quieted,' LaRouche concludes, 'but remain to be also quenched,' thus, 'we must work at it,' as President Franklin Roosevelt would have done.


  • Science & Morality. . .
    Science & the Solar System
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'The difference between the beast and the human personality,' LaRouche writes, is embodied in the nobility of man as the 'Fire-Bringer' (Prometheus), versus the evil of the oligarchical system (Zeus). The Zeus principle is today to be found in the Anglo-Dutch imperial policy, dutifully carried out by such as President Obama, of radical reduction of the human population. 'The systemic elimination of the oligarchical tyranny, is, then, simply an obvious imperative.'


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