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The American Principle:
Return to the Actual U.S. Constitution
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 24, 2014
A Foreword:
Warren Buffett et alia, traveled to, and from Britain, to concoct a great swindle inside the United States. That was done, by Buffett's own methods of rail-roading, which he performed in the name of fraudulently concocted laws. It was done in the clear intent to cheat the most of citizens and dependents of the United States, all of this for the cause of actually ``no fracking good.'' The effect of this particular, still-on-going swindle, is now delivering death at increasing rates, against our legitimate citizens and their dependents, alike.
So, the intention of the U.S. Federal Constitution had been, once more, foully betrayed, that done by the aid of a morally corrupt doctrine of ``States' Rights,'' the most infamous of the loopholes which are most often the pretext for actually circumventing the originally actual Federal Constitution: using, a loophole which most frequently serves to destroy the very essence of the Federal Principle of our Constitution. Already, since that time, the ``states' rights'' pretext had already been the tunnel of lies adopted by Presidents from John Adams through James Madison, and, repeatedly thereafter: a wicked means through which the British empire had already, so often cheated and, often, even caused mass-death-rates among our own population: as it had done, so, as the example of the actually murderous practice of ``fracking'' illustrates the point most simple and directly at this time....
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  • The American Principle:
    Return to the Actual U.S. Constitution
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr
    'The point which I am presenting here,' LaRouche writes, 'is the fact, that the economic value in all matters which is properly to be measured by mankind, here and now, is to be measured by neither any other, nor lesser means of authority than that: as being in accord to the physical-scientific principle of the relative powers of both production, and of reproductive progress of the human species in its essential characteristics as a species. . . .'






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