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Led by the BRICS:
Mankind Is Remaking Itself Through Creativity Per Se
by Nancy Spannaus and Dennis Small
Call it a cultural awakening, or a new Renaissance, in the sense the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley described it almost 200 years ago, in the wake of the American Revolution.
There is a power, expressing itself by scientific and cultural optimism and a determination to shape a beautiful future for mankind, which has gripped many of the world's leaders, especially those of China and India. This power, which Shelley called the ``spirit of the age,'' is spreading across the planet, and bringing forth a fundamental change in man's conception of himself, and his relationship to the cosmos of which he is a living, noetic part. Lyndon LaRouche emphasized this week that there is no fixed principle or metric within this system—of man's relationship to the cosmos—and that the only metric for this self-defining process is one contained within the process of man's mind, creativity per se. Understanding and acting on that concept, is also the key to success, LaRouche stressed. The markers for this shift have come in stunning events, particularly in the orientation and accomplishments of the BRICS nations, and their allies, toward nuclear power and expanding man's power in the Solar System through space exploration. India's recent successful launching of an orbiter around Mars is merely the most dramatic of the specific achievements, which in most cases are reflected in political commitments and agreements to develop new capabilities in space and nuclear science, as in Bolivia, which has been snatched from the clutches of the drug-pushing, bestial George Soros...
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