Volume 41, Number 22, May 30, 2014


British Crown Declares War: on LaRouche Specifically, and on Humanity Generally  

Attacks on the campaign websites of LaRouche Democrats in Texas and California, combined with an attempt to revive the fraudulent court case against his associates in Germany, prompted Lyndon LaRouche to charge that the British Queen and her empire have determined to go after him, and that a new stage leading to world war is now beginning.

Prince Charles Speaks for the Evil Empire  

by Matthew Ehret-Kump and Nancy Spannaus

His Royal Greenie, far from being a harmless doofus, is instead, a chip off the old Nazi block.

The British Empire: Satanic Warfare Against Humankind  

by Nancy Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

Much of your life has been scripted by tools of a global empire, as shown by 30 years of documentation from the LaRouche movement.

Documentation: The Duggan Case  

British Royalist Circles’ Death Threat vs. LaRouche  


Russia and China Join Forces To Derail London’s War Plans  

by William Jones

The May 20-21 summit in Shanghai of the Russian and Chinese Presidents represents a focal point for the mobilization of the nations of Asia against the threat of war from London and Washington.

Eurasian Development or Obama’s War

by Michael Billington

A deadly terrorist attack in Urumqi, Xinjiang is the British Empire’s response to the strategic and economic alliance being forged among the great Eurasian powers.

Book Review/Interview: Giulio Tremonti: Italy Can Defeat the Euro-Coup and Its ‘International Republic of Money’  

by Andrew Spannaus

A review of Sen. Giulio Tremonti’s new book Bugie e Verità: La Ragione dei Popoli (Lies and Truths: Why the People Are Right), followed by a interview conducted in Italy with the former Economy Minister.

Italy: New Initiatives for Glass-Steagall

by Claudio Celani

Eleven draft bills for banking separation, à la Glass-Steagall, have been submitted to the Italian Parliament.

Ukraine Election: Now Mayhem, EU Rule


No Avoiding a New Bank Crash Without Glass-Steagall Act

by Paul Gallagher

As China and Russia embark on a program of great projects for development and growth, the trans-Atlantic economies are headed for another, worse-than-2007 bank crash.


Rogers Points to the Future, While Texas Democrats Crash  

by Harley Schlanger

At her victory party May 27, Kesha Rogers said that her campaign “was not about an election, but about a mission, of giving the United States a future.... We told the truth about the existential crises facing the nation, and the enormous potential for the future, once we defeat the Anglo-Dutch Empire and impeach its puppet, Obama.”

Will House Committee Finally Get to the Truth about Benghazi?

by William F. Wertz, Jr.

A series of questions that must be answered by the newly constituted bipartisan Select Committee. Up till now, the truth has been the primary victim of the investigations.

Impeachable Obama ‘Channels Cheney’

EIR reviews the May 21 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on “The Authorization for Use of Military Force After Iraq and Afghanistan” (AUMF).

Obama’s IRS Scandal Is Heating Up

by George Canning


Beyond NAWAPA: Controlling the Weather; Ionizing the Atmosphere  

Megan Beets of the LaRouche PAC Science Team hosted this “New Paradigm for Mankind Weekly Report” on May 14, 2014, joined by Lyndon LaRouche and Ben Deniston. The backdrop for the discussion is the continuing, and worsening drought hitting the Western United States. As Deniston noted, even if we had built NAWAPA in the 1960s, when it was designed, we would still be faced with the challenges we confront today. Thus, a new approach is needed, and there are examples of workable solutions.


LaRouche’s Four-Point Program