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This article appears in the May 30, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The British Empire:
Satanic Warfare Against Humankind

by Nancy Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

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May 26—"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," wrote St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. The Christian Apostle knew whereof he spoke, because he was up against the power of the Roman Empire, an empire committed to destroying the very idea of man in the image of the Creator, not to mention the bodies and lives of the millions it used as slaves. An Empire which ultimately executed him.

For its part, the Roman Empire was only an incarnation of a more ancient imperial force with the same intent, an intent captured most precisely in the Greek dramatist Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound. In that play, Aeschylus portrays pure Satanic evil in the character of Zeus, who has determined that he will wipe out the human race, which no longer pleases him. What got in his way was his fellow god Prometheus, who chose to provide man with the gift of fire (power over nature), education, culture, science, and the mechanical arts, in an act of love which thwarted Zeus's plan. Zeus condemned Prometheus to eternal torture as punishment for disobeying his will, and daring to treat mankind as anything other than slaves and cattle.

Despite breakthroughs achieved by mankind in the Promethean tradition, the followers of Zeus and the Roman emperors have never been removed from power. The British Empire today, although not evincing the military dominance of yore, is a direct descendant of that Roman Empire, with the same Satanic commitments to the destruction of the human race. The fact that this Empire now largely functions "invisibly," through surrogates, faceless institutions, and control of culture, makes it all the more convenient for exercising its global power.

Yet, unless mankind acts now to recognize and destroy this Empire, which is fighting for its very existence, the human race is in danger of extinction. In this case, what you don't know can literally kill you.

In the following pages, we will utilize the wealth of published material from the LaRouche movement, over more than three decades, to draw the mere outlines of the power the British Empire exercises over the world today. You will see that virtually every aspect of your life—what jobs are available, what resources are available and what they cost, what your news sources say, what wars you fight, what terrorism occurs, even what music you "like"—has been, and is being, scripted by tools of a global Empire, whose philosophy is to ensure that you are slaves to its agenda. Some of the data we will use may be outdated in its specifics, but the characteristic is correct. The British Empire, as our map on the cover shows, is the ruler over the bulk of the planet.

Recognizing the nature of the enemy is the first step to defeating it.

The Physical Empire

When you think about the British Empire, forget the United Kingdom. It's a minor piece of the Empire, and the bulk of its people are as much slaves of the Empire as are the populations in other countries.

At this point in time, the main visible manifestation of the British Empire, and the power of the British Crown, is the British Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth, founded in 1949, is a political and economic treaty organization that is under the direct control of the British monarchy. There are 52 countries in the British Commonwealth of Nations, and they make up 29% of the world's population, a little under one-third. They take up 24% of the entire land area of the planet.

And among those 52 governments and countries that are in varying degrees under the control of the British Crown, there are 16 countries in which the British monarchy is the absolute sovereign. That not only includes the United Kingdom, but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and almost all the British offshore financial centers in the Caribbean, from the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands to Antigua—these British Crown colonies are under the direct control of the British Queen.

There is a popular claim, of course, that the Queen is just a figurehead, with no real control in Great Britain or anywhere else. Think again.

The real sovereign power inside the United Kingdom itself rests exclusively with the monarchy. The power of the Queen includes the following:

  • She has the absolute power to declare war.

  • She has the absolute power to appoint all of the military commanders of all of the British military and intelligence services.

  • She has the authority to dissolve parliament at any time she wishes, without explanation.

  • She has the authority to dismiss and replace a prime minister at her whim.

  • All judges are appointed by the Crown.

  • All of the archbishops of the Church of England are appointed by the Crown.

  • The Crown has the absolute authority to conclude all treaties; and finally,

  • Only the Queen has the authority to issue pardons.

So, the real, physical power resides with the monarchy.

There have been periods when the monarchy has been weak; generally, even under those circumstances, it has not been the parliament that's been the center of power, but the City of London, the Empire's financial center. There were periods during the height of the British East India Company, when the Company, which was a Crown-licensed company, had its own private mercenary army; had a more advanced fleet, a more advanced navy; had greater actual power through the control of financial institutions, particularly the Baring Bank.

But there's never been any kind of representative government in the U.K. The Commonwealth was established because it was clear that there had to be a transformation of the Empire, into something that began to look more like the modern world, particularly in the period after World War II, when the United States emerged as a leading world power.

Even earlier, after the U.S. Civil War, the British had to deal with the fact that the United States could no longer be defeated militarily—they had tried it three times and failed all three times. They tried to crush the Revolution. They tried it in the War of 1812. And they tried it using other means during the Civil War, when they organized the Southern secession.

When they were defeated in all of those efforts, in part through the help of international allies of the United States—including Russia, in a very prominent way—the British adapted to the new reality of the emergence of the United States as a leader of a system of sovereign nation-states around the world, by exercising other methods of control. Brute force took a back seat, where possible.

The Financial Empire

Even through the heyday of the British Empire militarily, which lasted with heights and troughs up to the end of the Second World War, the actual power came primarily through control over the means of sustenance for life—the economy. The Empire dominated the sources of raw materials, food, and credit for most of the globe. And much of that control continues today.

Raw materials: So, if you look at Africa, for example, it has remained a colony of the Empire in fact, despite nominal independence, because it has remained a mere plantation, a source of raw materials, for powerful cartels. The major British cartels—the Anglo American Corporation, the LonRho Corporation, Rio Tinto Zinc—are among the leading strategic raw material cartels on the planet today. And the British monarchy is the largest single shareholder in most of these big raw material cartels, from BP and Royal Dutch Shell, to Rio Tinto Zinc and Anglo American Corporation.

The world's wealthiest family, by far, in terms of actual physical assets owned, is the British royal family. Their assets are estimated at well over $1 trillion, between real estate, shares in these raw material cartels, the jewelry and art works; and all of these things are the possession of the British Crown. A similar situation prevails in control over food cartels. This is not some quaint little backwater factor in world history.

The monarchy also has a global financial policy. It often goes under the name of "free trade," although nowadays that is supplemented by an explicit anti-science demand, in the name of "saving the environment." We'll get to that ideology later. The ideology is primarily a means of getting people to agree to the imperial financial demand that the development of the productive powers of labor of the entire population of the planet, as expressed in increasing power over nature and creative powers of the human mind, be ruthlessly subordinated to the interests of the ruling oligarchical class. That class insists on maintaining its power by keeping populations stupid, and not too numerous—just in case they might get the idea of overthrowing the oligarchy, and organizing society without it.

Finance: In addition to controlling the physical means of existence—land, food, raw materials—empires must control money and credit. Thus, we enter into the realm of finance and banking, and find, once again, that it is dominated by the financial oligarchy which has its major center in London, and of which the royal family is a major factor.

A 1995 report from a conference co-sponsored by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and Her Majesty's government, identified the areas where, at that point, the City of London dominated the world through finance. A report by the Group Chief Executive of HSBC Holdings PLC (formerly Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation) cited the City's dominance in the following areas:

  • foreign exchange turnover;

  • issuance of Eurobonds;

  • the London Metal Exchange, the International Petroleum Exchange, and the London Commodity Exchange; and

  • institutional fund management.

These are supplemented by two other financial "businesses" that have burgeoned in the last 20 years, notably the derivatives markets, and the recently notoriously "fixed" London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), by which trillions were swindled from people and government institutions around the world.

The beauty of this system for the Empire is that it works virtually invisibly. When a businessman, or ordinary worker, goes to a bank to seek a loan, he faces conditions on the "global markets" which largely determine what his local bank can do. The terms of borrowing, the areas which are considered profitable to lend to, the insurance to be charged—all come from the international financial arrangements which are heavily controlled in London—and, of course, its junior partner on Wall Street, USA.

This financial dictatorship, from the major money-center banks, which coordinate with, if they not are controlled by, London, literally decides who lives and who dies. It is a system which has come under mortal threat very rarely, and most strongly from the United States national banking systems of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln. Even the leading Eurasian nations, Russia and China, which are currently challenging London's demands in the geopolitical sphere, are subject to conditions set by the London markets—and will be until they too decide to restore nationally sovereign credit systems, and escape the London monetarist noose.

The Dope Trade: Lyndon LaRouche and EIR delivered one of their sharpest blows to the British Empire in the late 1970s, with the publication of the book Dope, Inc., Britain's Opium War against the U.S. In that book, an EIR research team laid bare the historical, and ongoing, controls by the London-centered banks over the international dope trade, which it imposed at the barrel of a gun upon nations in Asia in the 19th Century, but continues to use as a major source of wealth and control today.

The thesis was simple: It is the British imperial system, the financiers, which created the international drug trade for imperial purposes. If you want to stop it, go after the dope banks, which are still doing the same thing today.

EIR's latest update on Dope, Inc. was published in 2009, and is still available. It would take another entire book or two to update this picture today, but suffice it to say, that UN authorities on the drug trade and crime still testify that illegal drug money is sustaining the world financial system;[1] and that the push for drug legalization is coming straight from London, including the House of Lords, and financiers such as George Soros, for the sake of both financial and political control.

The Empire of War

As Zeus famously wished to exterminate the human race, so the British Empire is committed to what Prince Philip calls "culling the herd," reducing the world population to what the royals and their dupes consider an appropriate "carrying capacity," which, without the benefit of the technological leaps into thermonuclear fusion power and beyond, which could soon be readily available, will be very few people indeed. Royal agents such as German "climate scientist" John Schellnhuber and U.S. butterfly scientist Paul Ehrlich have specified the target at 1 to 2 billion people at most, from the current population of more than 7 billion. Genocide.

At present we will skip over the well-known instances of the Empire's record of genocide in Ireland, India, and Africa—all well-known, although today often ignored—and turn to the present application of the war policy.

British imperial policy, as today expressed frequently by the Queen's loyal servant Tony Blair, is permanent war, wars that, when they are waged against thermonuclear-armed rivals to the Empire, such as Russia and China, threaten extinction of the human race. True, the British often instigate these wars indirectly, through their "think-tank" advice, "educating" diplomats from other nations (such as current National Security Advisor Susan Rice, for example), and the like. But as the cases of Blair, and NATO policy since the fall of the Berlin Wall, show, this is British policy direct from the top, the monarchy.

Why didn't the fall of Communism lead to a new era of peace and cooperation among nations around the globe? Because the British Empire intervened to stop it! Her Majesty's government, then headed by Margaret Thatcher, intervened globally, both with the George H.W. Bush Administration, and with the Europeans, to insist on policies that would bring war—from financial austerity policies for the East and Russia, to raw materials warfare in Iraq, to the expansion of NATO up to the borders of Russia. Those who opposed such policies, notably Deutsche Bank President Alfred Herrhausen, were gotten out of the way with assassination, and the policy has brought us right up to the present crisis.

Later, Her Majesty's government under Tony Blair, accelerated the process by lying to launch the second Iraq War—an action which was pivotal in creating a new, seemingly permanent state of religious warfare around the globe.

These war policies have been supplemented by another hallmark of the British Empire, terrorism. As most governments know, but won't say, London is the capital of world terrorism, "Londonistan," the place where the most brutal terrorist gangs are incubated, funded, and deployed. Not only nominal Muslims, but terrorists of every nationality, find their home there—as they did way back in the mid-19th Century of the infamous Prime Minister under Queen Victoria, Lord Palmerston.

EIR has published Special Reports and volumes on this subject, with special attention to the British Empire/Saudi Kingdom cooperation in financing and deploying the 9/11 attacks in 2001 against the United States. These are all available. But it is absolutely critical that this particularly egregious scandal not be seen as an isolated incident, but a product of British imperial policy—destroying all sovereign nation-states, most emphatically including the United States.

War on the Mind

Among all the crimes of the British Empire, the most Satanic is its killing of minds and souls, a destruction that deliberately seeks to extirpate the uniquely human quality of creative reason and agape. This is done particularly through the control of culture and education, and has been devastatingly successful, as Lyndon LaRouche has pointed out, particularly since the early part of the 20th Century, with the arrival of the evil Lord Bertrand Russell on the international scene.

To Russell's seminal role can be traced the British assault on science, Classical culture, and the very identity of human beings as a species above animals. Russell has died, but his legacy lives on in the dominance of the Green movement in particular, whose application would condemn the human race to extinction.

Particularly since the end of World War II, the Empire has revived the policies of eugenics, and radical Malthusianism in the name of "saving the environment" from the alleged threat of "overpopulation." The Queen's Consort Prince Philip takes the point on this matter, unabashedly pursuing Nazi policies on various fronts. (See article, p. 6)

There are leading representatives of this empire who have made the point repeatedly. If you have a large and expanding human population, then you must necessarily have modern science, modern infrastructure, vast capacities for food production, scientific exploration—all of the things that destroy the principle of oligarchical power.

Russell explicated this policy. He was a scion of one of the old British oligarchical families. His grandfather, who raised him, had been Foreign Secretary during the 19th-Century heyday of the British Empire. And in 1953, Russell wrote a book with the alluring title The Impact of Science Upon Society. But here's what he means by science. He means the social science to conduct genocide:

"But bad times, you say, are exceptions, and can be dealt with by exceptional methods. This has been more or less true during the honeymoon period of industrialism. But it will not remain true unless the increase of population of the world is enormously diminished. War, so far, has had no very great effect upon this increase, which continued throughout each of the world wars.... War ... has been disappointing in this respect ... but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generaton, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's" (emphasis added).

This is the mindset, this is the mentality of the Empire.

People today, a vast majority of people around you, every day, spit out foolishness about this or that aspect of environmentalism, global warming, all of these things, when in fact, the whole ideology of environmentalism, as distinct from, obviously, scientific principles for advancing technology and avoiding pollution, and things like that—but the whole ideology of the green movement was developed coming out of World War II, as a revival of eugenics, by people like Julian and Aldous Huxley. Look at their writings from the 1940s, when they founded organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the Nature Conservancy. What they said at that time was, Hitler gave eugenics a bad name, and therefore, to revive eugenics, we're going to have to simply use different terminology. We will call it conservation.

All of the environmental movements that you think of today began as elite, oligarchical organizations devoted to genocide, and to reviving the principles of eugenics. Julian Huxley was the president of the International Eugenics Society at the time that he was involved in founding the Nature Conservancy, and later when Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands were involved in 1961 in launching the World Wildlife Fund, and the 1001 Club. The policy all along has been radical Malthusian genocide.

Much more could be said about the application of Russell's war on the soul through identifiable British imperial projects to replace true science with statistical mathematics (largely accomplished today); to crush Classical music and literature; to create a controlled environment of "information" to replace the search for actual knowledge—in sum, to try to replace a sense of true human identity with the lie that man is just an animal seeking pleasure, and trying to avoid pain. In other words, a slave.

Destroying the U.S.

The major problem the British Empire has had to deal with since the late 18th Century has been the United States, the only nation to carry out a successful revolution against it, in principle, and in fact, to challenge imperial hegemony on a world scale. After the Civil War, a failed British project to destroy the U.S., the Empire determined to proceed instead by more "peaceful" means of subversion and corruption. That subversion has been so successful that, for most Americans, it has apparently wiped out any true sense of what our Revolution represented, in terms of a battle against the imperial principle of Zeus, embodied today in the British Empire.

It has fallen to LaRouche and his political movement to fight to revive the American principle, in its full depth as a Promethean principle against Empire. That is why LaRouche and his associates have been repeatedly targeted by the Empire and its agents in the United States and elsewhere, and why, with its utter bankruptcy staring it in the face, the British Empire is lashing out once again.

The Empire, of course, cannot survive. It is a violation of the very nature of the universe. But it can bring us all down with it, unless we act to destroy it first.

[1] See "Former UNODC Head Talks About Drugs in the World Banking System," EIR, April 27, 2012.

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