Volume 41, Number 23, June 6, 2014


Eurasia Comes Together To Challenge British Empire  

by Nancy Spannaus

The three Eurasian giants, Russia, China, and India, are primed to create an economic superpower alliance based on collaboration on the crucial projects required to bring the planet out of its current disastrous state—especially, nuclear fission and fusion, and exploration of space. To be successful, however, such an orientation also requires a world without war—meaning, a world without the British Empire.

Treaty an ‘Historic Milestone’: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus Create Eurasian Economic Union

by William Jones

The leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus met in Astana, Kazakhstan May 29, and signed a document creating the Eurasian Economic Union.

Narendra Modi India’s New Prime Minister Moves To Fulfill His Mandate

by Ramtanu Maitra

Prime Minister Modi has issued a ten-point agenda as the priority of his government, and has asked each of his ministers to present their priorities for the first 100 days.

LaRouche Addresses Moscow Conference on P.G. Kuznetsov and V.I. Vernadsky  

by Rachel Douglas

The May 29 International Scientific Conference on Problems of the Sustained Development of Mankind in the System “Nature-Society-Man” was held in honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Pobisk Kuznetsov.

LaRouche Address: Prospects for the Preservation of Mankind  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s message to the celebration of his friend, Pobisk Kuznetsov.

Ensuring Sustained Economic Development  

by Sergei Glazyev

The Importance of Russian Science

by Valeri Chereshnev

LaRouche & Kuznetsov: Kindred Souls

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Brits, Obama Push War Against Russia, China

by Jeffrey Steinberg


The Empire Is Crumbling! The Future of Europe’s Nations Is with the New Silk Road  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The sensational success of the anti-EU parties in the recent European Parliamentary elections signifies an overturning of the chessboard: the beginning of the end of the EU empire.

Euro Elections Send Empire’s Pols Reeling

France Is the Epicenter of the Euro-Earthquake

by Jacques Cheminade

Cheminade was the guest on The LaRouche Show online radio program May 31. “The good news,” he said, “is that the treasonous parties have been shaken,” in the EuroParliament elections. “The bad news,” he added, “is that Marine Le Pen got the votes, and not us.”


Extended Remarks & Facts: Economists Who Were Usually Stupid  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An extended autobiographical sketch, in which the author discusses his formal education, which was, with few exceptions, a “total disaster.” Later, LaRouche discovered the physical science founded by Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler, and their modern followers, which set him on the path which led him to become, today, the world’s leading economic forecaster.


Prince Charles and the City Seek To Save Their System

The Green Prince keynoted the “Inclusive Capitalism Initiative” conference held in the London May 27, which gathered 200 of the world’s filthy-richest, estimated to control or manage 30% of the financial “wealth” on the planet.


Steger, Rogers: Eurasia Is Key to Post-Obama Era

by Harley Schlanger

Fresh from her brilliant campaign for Senate in Texas, Kesha Rogers joined Michael Steger for a San Francisco town meeting, on the eve of the California Democratic Primary in which he is challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi for the 12th C.D. seat.

‘We Have Changed History; Now Let’s Finish the Job’

by Kesha Rogers

Why Does Obama Defend Saudis at High Court?

by Edward Spannaus

9/11 victims and their families have brought a legal brief before the Supreme Court challenging the Saudi Kingdom’s appeal of a decision holding it responsible for damages in connection with the terrorist attack.

Science & Technology

India Looks to Next Energy Frontier: Fusion Power  

by Ramtanu Maitra

The Indian nation is committed to making nuclear power the backbone of its long-term power generation, while its fusion power research situates it to take the crucial next step.


Facing Thermonuclear War