Volume 41, Number 38, September 26, 2014


President Xi in India: An Alliance of the Two Asian Giants Will Benefit Mankind  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Chinese President Xi’s Sept. 17-19 visit to India, and his discussions with Prime Minister Modi, have advanced the important bilateral relations between the two great nations, with positive implications for the global development thrust now underway, led by the BRICS.

There Is a Sudden Explosion of Optimism  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s presentation to the “One Belt, One Road” conference in Beijing, Sept. 5, 2014.

China’s Silk Road: Pathway to a New Human Civilization  

by Prof. Bao Shixiu

Prof. Bao Shixiu of the PLA Academy of Military Science gave this speech at “One Belt, One Road” conference in Beijing on Sept. 5.

India Is Ready To Fulfill Its Legacy of Leadership

by Ramtanu Maitra

India is well situated to play a crucial role, in combination with fellow BRICS giants China and Russia, in transforming the world economy into one of cooperation for scientific and industrial progress.

BRICS Initiatives 2014—Fulcrum for Planetary Development

An outline of myriad developments taking place in the wake of the historic mid-July BRICS conference.


We Need a New, Inclusive World Security Architecture  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The perspective of common economic development of among the BRICS, the Union of South America (UNASUR), and ASEAN and SCO, joined by such countries as Egypt, Nicaragua, and South Korea, is contrasted to the current strategy of confrontation against Russia by the West.

Russia Outflanks Obama on Ukraine

While the Obama Administration continues to press for ever more crippling sanctions against Russia, Russian leaders are working with Europeans and others to hammer out a lasting ceasefire in Ukraine, as the first step toward a settlement.

The Queen Keeps the Scots in Her Realm

by Mary Burdman and Nancy Bradeen

Despite a vigorous mobilization by pro-independence forces for the Sept. 18 Scottish independence referendum, bringing hundreds of thousands to the street, a majority of 55% of the electorate voted to stay in the United Kingdom.

The Scottish Referendum

by Alan Clayton

A guest commentary.


Capitulation to Obama Will Backfire on Congress  

by Carl Osgood

Last week, the House and Senate, in a maneuver designed to limit debate on Congress’s war-making powers, gave initial approval to President Obama’s plan to create a Syrian opposition force of 5,000 “vetted” fighters to battle both the Assad regime and the Islamic State militants in Syria.

Congressmen Skewer Obama’s War Policy

Excerpts from statements in the House and Senate opposing the Administration’s policy against ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State.


Ebola Declared a ‘Threat to Peace and Security’

by Douglas DeGroot and Nancy Spannaus

In the first-ever UN Security Council emergency meeting held to address a public-health crisis, the UNSC, on Sept. 18, called the West African Ebola epidemic a “threat to peace and security.”

Italian Expert Says, Build These Bridges!

Prof. Enzo Siviero, Italy’s top expert in bridge construction, told EIR that the time has come to build the Messina Bridge connecting the Italian mainland to Sicily, and the Mediterranean Bridge between Tunisia and Sicily.