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Greek Elections Can Spark Shift to European `New Deal'
by Dean Andromidas
Jan. 26—Greece yesterday elected the first government in Europe opposed to the European oligarchy's nightmare policy of bailing out the bankrupt banks no matter how many people must die. The election of a new government led by the parties Syriza and the Independent Greeks, is a powerful repudiation of the murderous austerity policies imposed on Greece by the Troika, better known as the three horseman of the Apocalypse—the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. The question now is whether Spain and Portugal, or even Italy and Ireland, will be far behind.
Now the battle lines are drawn; Either Europe goes for a Glass-Steagall-style separation of the commercial from the speculative banking system, and a credit system for development of industry and infrastructure, or it sinks with the hopelessly bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system. Lyndon LaRouche called the outcome a ``profound victory that can secure a shift in the entire European and trans-Atlantic situation.'' He noted that the outpouring of the Greek people to reject the Troika's regime was one of several recent developments that can rapidly bring down the failed euro system altogether. He cited the recent decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple the Swiss franc from the euro, which triggered huge derivatives losses by Wall Street and City of London banks.
The Greek results will have a ``big impact on Germany,'' LaRouche went on. Chancellor Angela Merkel and company ``are in a tough situation, pretending to control things in Europe, but in reality, they have no control...
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  • Greek Elections Can Spark Shift to European 'New Deal'
    The election of Greece's new government is a powerful repudiation of the murderous austerity policies imposed on Greece by the Troika, which have led to unemployment as high as 45%, destroyed the health-care system, and increased the death rate. The two parties in the new ruling coalition are calling for a European Debt Conference to launch a 'New Deal' for Europe, through EU investments into infrastructure and other projects to put people back to work.The coming to power in Athens of a government opposed to the bailout of the bankrupt banks will affect the whole of Europe, where significant political forces oppose the brutal austerity policies of the European Union and the IMF—especially in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Cyprus. The big question is now: What will Germany and France do?





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