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  • Bush Family Treason
    EIR Editor-in Chief Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., calls for an ecumenical alliance to 'burn the Bushes.' After 20 years of Bush family rule (two terms of the George H.W. Bush Vice Presidency, followed by his one-term Presidency and the two of his idiot son)—followed by six years of the even-worse Barack Obama, at last the clock has run out for America. Our citizens will not survive another two years under Obama—who must be removed forthwith—not even to begin speak of yet another Bush. EIR literally 'wrote the book' on George H.W. Bush in 1992, in our authoritative "George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography," which was studied by Bill Clinton's campaign in their successful effort to unseat him. Here is the sequel.

The Tragedy of a Failed Culture

  • When America was Ruled by Three Evil Queens
    As the living Johannes Brahms had feared, music had been in retreat since his death in 1897—a retreat which became a rout under the onslaught of the 'modernists' of the 20th Century. In science, Max Planck was dead, and Albert Einstein was cooped up in Princeton as if in an insane asylum. Welcome to 1950s America.
  • The Shakespeare Principle:
    Bush Presidencies Are the Failure of a Culture
    'The greatest poets are also the greatest scientists,' as Lyndon LaRouche asserts, and there is no greater scientific analyst of the causes of destruction of culture, than William Shakespeare.
  • O'Malley Is Shifting the Paradigm
    What the United States needs is a new Presidency, not based on an individual, but on the institution of the Presidency, a team committed to a Presidential process that will address the vital needs of the nation.

The Cuckoo's Egg

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