Volume 42, Number 21, May 22, 2015


About This Issue

by Tony Papert

Bringing the Rain  

by Benjamin Deniston

What Is Music Really  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Immortality of Wilhelm Furtwängler

by Matthew Ogden

Mathematical Economics: A Satanic Religion

by Robert Ingraham

The Study of Life and the New Physics

by Vladimir I. Vernadsky

Presentation to the 1930 Conference of the Society of Naturalists of Moscow and Leningrad. First English Translation, by Meghan Rouillard.

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A Vernadskian Reconsideration of Galactic Cycles and Evolution  

by Benjamin Deniston

Hersh Revelations Can Sink Obama, Bush and the Saudis  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

British-Saudi Bank Cartel Alleged to Finance Terrorism

by Richard Freeman and Jeffrey Steinberg

Another Saudi Genocide