Volume 42, Number 38, September 25, 2015


Start from Roosevelt’s Overall Conception

Editorial: LaRouche Replies to Questions from a Russian Journalist  

Start from Franklin Roosevelt’s Overall Concept

by Dave Christie, LaRouche PAC Policy Committee

Christie interviews Phil Rubinstein on FDR’s leadership against the Russellian takeover of the United States.

Creating the Harmony of Nations  

Excerpts from the Sept. 19 dialogue by Lyndon LaRouche with the Manhattan Project.

Renewed Prospects for the Kra Canal—Project for the Benefit of the World

by Benjamin Deniston

Italy: Development of the Mezzogiorno Is Back on the Agenda

by Claudio Celani

The 25th Amendment, Then and Now

by Theodore Andromidas

The Harmony of Mental Spheres: ‘God’s Brain,’ William Warfield’s Mind

by Dennis Speed

Dr. William Warfield, Baritone: ’Music Is the Kingdom of Heaven, Education Is the Kingdom of Heaven’

From a November 1994 interview with Dr. Warfield.

Only a Fundamental Reversal of Economic Policy Can Solve the Refugee Crisis  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairman of the BüSo political party in Germany