Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 49, Number 47, December 2, 2022



This Is Britain’s War 

by Gretchen Small

I. Schiller Institute Conference: Stop the Doomsday Clock

Conference Program: Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now 

Third Seminar of Political and Social Leaders of the World, November 22, 2022

Third Int’l Seminar of Political and Social Leaders, Much Expanded, Takes Up Principles for Durable Peace 

by Dennis Small

A Westphalian Approach 

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Keynote: Principles of a New Security and Development Architecture 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Appeal to Current and Former Legislators of the World: We Must Act Now To Stop the Danger of Nuclear War 

by Congressman Benjamín Robles Montoya

The Danger of Nuclear War After the U.S. Midterm Elections 

by Col. Richard H. Black (ret.)

What Would Happen If a Nuclear War Started in the Black Sea? 

by Steven Starr

The Role of Artisans for Understanding Among Peoples 

by Karl Krökel

Thoughts on Current World Affairs 

by Sister Ortrud Fürst

Peace Negotiations NOW 

by Dr. Andreas Uhlig

Germany’s Policies Can Only Lead to War with Russia 

by Scott Ritter

French Mayors Support the Stralsund Call for Peace 

by Mayors Patrick Kindt and Patrick Gombault

Italy and Europe Are on the Front Line in the Danger of a Nuclear War 

by Judge Antonio Ingroia

The Necessary Conditions for Development of the Third World 

by Julio De Vido

Danger of Nuclear War: The Alternative Is Being Built by BRICS 

by Paulo Cannabrava Filho

The End of Globalization and the Emergence of the BRICS 

by Alberto Quintanilla Chacón

Message of Greetings 

by Pedro Páez

Science & Technology Briefs