III. Political Prisoners in Virginia:
Ollie North's Cronies Targetted LaRouche

Another North crony involved in the ``Get LaRouche'' task force was Langhorne Washburn, of Middleburg, Va. Washburn, a wealthy Republican, was a top fundraiser for the Republican Party from 1960 onward. During the first Nixon administration, Washburn served as the Number 2 money man for CREEP, getting appointed Assistant Secretary for Commerce as a reward for bringing in the bucks to Nixon's coffers.

Washburn also raised money for North's Contras. At the same time, his sister Fawan was a financial supporter of LaRouche. When Langhorne found out his sister was supporting LaRouche, he and his brother, Stanley Washburn, Jr., attempted to have their sister declared mentally incompetent, citing her contributions to the LaRouche movement as evidence. Washburn then hooked up with Donald Moore, and Virginia Attorney General Mary Sue Terry, to get the Commonwealth of Virginia to join the prosecution of LaRouche.

But, at the same time that Langhorne was trying to have his sister declared incompetent for supporting LaRouche, he was encouraging North's fundraisers to solicit her for contributions to the Contras! In a deposition of North fundraiser Dan Conrad, taken by attorneys for the Congressional committee investigating the Iran/Contra scandal, Conrad testified that Langhorne Washburn urged him to solicit Fawan for $10,000 to the Contras.

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